Super Smash Terraria is a poll series I am working on. It pits two items, mobs, bosses, WHATEVER from Terraria against each other.

It is based off Super Smash Bros wiki's weekly battles.



What could make this better? Anything you'd like to do to help? How's it looking? Leave your answer in the comments below! I am also accepting suggestions for battles!

We made it to 50! Thank you guys so much for your years of support! I'd like to commemorate the occasion with a real-life tournament!

Basically, this will be hosted on any server we can find (currently, the only one available is a Hamachi server run by 652Graystripe). We will pair up, with three weapons, armor and five accessories each, and continue dueling until done! I'll be the one building the arena, but because I don't like to do multiplayer, I won't be taking part. Register below! More details to follow.