I can see the peace in his eyes from the moment I greet him in this world. He has skill with his axe, and handles his shortsword as if born to use it. But he is not keen on war. Oh, no. Far from it. He would rather make peace than fight, the traits of a true hero. He might just be the one.

I may point him to the Corruption, to the Jungle, to the Dungeon, to the Underworld. If he can do that... he might have a chance. Then he could combine the three holy ores to make the Hallowed one, to craft the legendary sword... maybe.

If he could do that, could he handle the horror of when the sun never rises? Could he? Yes, I think possibly he could.

And if he could do that... no, I will not think of it. He would bring down hell on himself and the world of Terraria. He would never survive.

But then he tells me his name... Terra.

~Excerpt from the diary of Cecil, Guide of the land of Terraria