I am number 3, the youngest sister. But 3 or 1, we all stick together.

My sisters are called Autumn and Leaf. I am Fern. I wear the red Adamantite Armor, Autumn the green Mythril, Emerald the blue Cobalt. We are adventurers in the land of Terraria.

Then the night comes. We are almost to the Corruption, ready to do battle with evil. But we see something high in the clouds.

I pick up my Adamantite Repeater and shoot three times in quick succession. A roar echoes across the land, and two giant eyeballs - with riders, one shining purple and the other flaming orange - come streaking down out of the sky. I watch as Autumn burns in green fire, as Leaf's armor is riddled with starburst laser holes. I am suddenly the one of the three alive. And I will fight this.

I jump and dodge and pretend nothing hurts me. It doesn't quite work. My Cross Necklace is protecting me some, but I rely mostly on my Adamantite Armor, forged from the depths of the caverns. It absorbs damage, but it is soon burned and flickering with green light.

Finally, the green eye has split. Its maw opens wide and bathes me in a gush of green flames. I fall to the ground, nausea overwhelming me, my armor scorched with evil. The red eye launches lasers from an antenna in its iris.

I know it is over. My time on this earth. But I will not give in!

I slash and hack, chopping them apart with my Adamantite Sword. The eyeballs soon flee back to the air, but the riders attack me now. One burns me with his hot fire, the other slices me, Night's Edge on Adamantite Sword.

Finally, I fall. The Night's Edge is drawn back to kill me, but the orange skeletal warrior stops it. "WAIT!" it shouts. It then bends down... and heals me.

I can feel the pink light of life oozing through me. It's a horribly agonizing sensation - like being burned to life.

Soon, I stand, and introduce myself.

It's about then that an ancient voice, heavy with mildew and the scent of crypts, sneaks upon the wind to our ears...

"You are one of the eleven... come with me, defeat the Wrath of the Land."