This was a dark and soulless land, one without love or mercy anywhere, from ocean to ocean, Corruption to Hallow, Jungle to Dungeon. And that was what suited him.

He lurked in the shadows of his home cave in the Corruption, friend of no one. Every so often, evil purple light lit up the interior; neither beast nor man dared guess what it was. He was friend of no one, mercenary for all. Anyone could pay for his services; they were always worth the price. Legend said he could do anything, even fly.

There came a night when an orange light lit up the Corruption, coming from a solitary figure between two chasms. Its arms were raised high, an evil-looking red trident in its left.

The purple light flew out to meet it, and they spoke. The glint of a huge dark blade was reflected in the circling Eaters' eyes.

The mercenary lifted his cowl. "And who might you be?" he asked in a gravelly tenor.

The fiery figure responded quietly, "I am a wanderer. I hail from the Dungeon, among the race of Diabolists, though I call myself Diabolist no more!"

The mercenary shuddered inwardly. The Dungeon was one of the places he feared the most in all of Terraria. It housed deadly creatures, skeletal and evil. However, this creature didn't have the glint of maliciousness in its eye sockets. Its eyes were burning flames, hot as the depths of the feared Underworld, but they didn't have evil. This fire was a tamer orange, not the red of blood. It showed the creature's good intentions. This was what made the mercenary continue to speak to the stranger Diabolist. Together, they disappeared into the cave.

"What brings you to the Corruption?" the mercenary asked.

"I wish to travel the lands. I do not see why monsters and men must fight so. We can coexist in peace, sharing the glorious land of Terraria and putting our shared knowledge to learning. Together, we can live in peace and prosperity!"

"Mm. Sounds nice," said the cynical mercenary. "What were you doing with the fire and the overgrown salad fork?"

"Oh, that's an easy question," said the Diabolist. "Summoning some old friends to help us on our way."

That was when a large, green eye poked its head into the cave. The mercenary almost started, then said, "Is this your friend?" to the Diabolist, who nodded. "One of two."

Soon, the two were riding through the sky on two immense eyeballs, one green and one red.

"Look, adventurers," commented the mercenary - his name was Cecil. He was right - there were three adventurers, in glowing red, green and blue armor, pointing up at the giant eyeballs.

"Not exactly a stealth plane," Cecil complained before pulling his eyeball into a dive to avoid the shot of the green-armored adventurer.

"Frigusblood!" the Diabolist swore.

"Bless you," Cecil said absently.

"That means one whose blood is ice-cold in the Diabolist language. It's an insult," Ignis explained.

The eyeballs dived in unison, going for the blue- and green-armored adventurers. Ignis's shot wickedly fast lasers, drilling multiple holes in the cobalt one's armor. Ignis himself cast fireballs, making the battlefield a hellscape. The mythril warrior jumped above green fire shot out of Cecil's mount, as its rider swung a huge, blue-purple flail to knock the warriors aside.

Soon the green and blue fighters were nothing but unmoving bodies. But the red one was another matter. Clothed in Adamantite - the hardest substance known in Terraria - she jumped back and forth, taking on two foes at once. Spazmatism - Cecil's green mount - opened an immense mouth and breathed a swathe of green fire, knocking the adventurer sprawling. Still she got up, her armor flickering with poisonous green light, and smashed a huge red sword into Retinazer, who started shooting lasers out of an antenna in its pupil.

Finally, it was over. The cobalt and mythril adventurers had dropped their gear, and their bodies had respawned far away by now. However, the adamantite warrior was still fighting to survive. Sprawled on the ground, nearly unmoving, cursed flames burning at her boots and head, she would not give up. Spazmatism fled, its health depleted dangerously low. Retinazer followed its twin.

Cecil removed the girl's helmet, commenting, "Wow, she's pretty," before drawing back his sword to deliver the deathblow.

"WAIT!" Ignis shouted. "I can't watch her die! Let me do this!"

Pink and red light flowed from his skeletal hands, flowing into the fallen warrior's face and causing her armor to shine. She straightened up, then spoke.

"Pleased to meet you after you changed your minds about killing me in cold blood. I'm Fern. Now what do we do?"