After the second Wrath of the Land had passed, the adventurers hung up Arthur's immense suit of armor and hammer in the main hall of the house. Fern, Silver and Squazz were put to bed and were healed by Ignis in short bursts; in the end, they all survived. Terra's Frost Armor and Terra Blade had dissolved into thin air.

The Titanium Knight built a house near that of the adventurers and commanded the Terrarian Army from it. He eventually married Fern, who helped him command.

Ignis did as he wished and travelled the lands with Cecil. He managed to convince the monsters of Terraria to be at peace with humans, and the land of Terraria advanced greatly.

Andrew left on a trip to a faraway land, and would return soon.

Outside the house on the hill once surrounded by good and evil, a lone headstone stood. In words carved by Cecil's Night's Edge, it read...

Here we remember Terra, a living legend who saved Terraria not once, but twice.