Hey guys! Following the actions of Divatore and FragBombGaming, I'm creating my own Terraria story! It will revolve around the adventures of me, Swag, Squazz and an unnamed character (planned). Read on!

Silver picked himself off the ground and hefted his newly acquired Copper Axe. He slammed it into a nearby tree, bringing it down in several swift chops. He lifted it to the light of the rising sun and said to himself, "Hmm... Massive! Cool!" He brought down several more trees before a light cough behind him made him spin around. A short man with spiky brown hair stood there, a book in hand. "Hello! I'm Andrew, the Guide!" He lifted his book. "This book here tells me everything you want to know!" Silver smiled and said, "Pleased to meet you!" while shaking Andrew's hand.

Several trees later, Andrew and Silver had built themselves a nice house. "Warning: Several trees were harmed in the making of this house!" Silver said appreciatively. Andrew smiled and said, "This house'll be good for you and me. If we want to attract more people to our growing town, we'll have to make more!" Silver smiled again and walked into the house. He ran his hand appreciatively over the flat, smooth table. Andrew got up and puttered about, finally setting two bowls of rich, steaming soup on the table. "This is GREAT!" Silver exclaimed when he tasted it. Andrew blushed. "It's my specialty," he said.

"What else is there to do in this land?" he asked. Andrew opened his book, read for a few moments, and responded, "Well... This book says there is a mighty stronghold to the west. A tangled and deadly jungle to the east. And a horribly purplish land, full of evil, past that." Silver jumped up. "Purple land it is, then!" he exclaimed, hefting his shortsword. "Whoa whoa whoa, tiger!" Andrew yelped, grabbing his arm. "That place is not good for your health with just this little sword. I suggest you go caving. Find a cave and go down into it! Don't venture too far, though."

Silver controlled his descent down a steep cave. He looked appreciatively at his copper pickaxe, which he had obtained along with the shortsword and axe. It had mined him lots of ore so far - he now was the proud owner of 3 bars of iron, a gold broadsword, a tungsten pickaxe and a full suit of iron armor. The tungsten pick was his new ore-mining pick. The copper one was a memento now, of his first days in Terraria.

Suddenly, he stepped on something embedded in the floor and heard a click. A rumbling began above him. The ceiling opened up... and a boulder fell on top of him!

Silver plummeted into darkness, knocked stone-cold out. When he came to, he was in a battered wooden building. He stared out the hole-filled door and saw nothing but darkness. As he sat up, his pounding head forced him to moan in pain. A figure stepped out from behind a table in the structure, scaring Silver senseless. "I see you've woken up!" the figure said. Its arm groped around in the dark for a bit before hitting something. With a click, the structure lit up. Silver's pounding head forced him to cover his eyes. The figure said, "You had a nasty fall off that ledge. The boulder barely missed you when it came down." Silver uncovered his eyes and looked up at the face he now recognized as his savior. "Who are you?" he moaned. The figure grinned. "They call me Swaggins." It was a long-haired man with a green shirt and khaki pants partially hidden by a full set of tungsten armor. He held a shining silvery pickaxe in one hand, a long silvery sword in the other. "Whassat?" Silver grunted, still not fully recovered. "Oh, that?" Swaggins asked, looking at his sword. "That's a platinum broadsword. I mine a ton, so I have lots of platinum to use." He turned around and looked over his shoulder. "Oh, that reminds me, I have something for you." He trotted back into the darker corners of the house, then came back carrying a red, heart-shaped object.

"This is a Heart Crystal," he explained. Silver sat up. Swaggins handed him the Crystal. "It'll help you get more health and get better soon," he explained. "I've already eaten three or four of them. Go ahead." Silver stuffed the crystal into his mouth and chewed.

"Tastes... good. Like... like... something a friend once made for me," he stuttered. A reddish-pink glow surrounded him, then disappeared. "I feel... stronger," Silver announced. "Where to now?"

That was when a red glow illuminated the house. The two friends - for they had taken an instant liking to each other - threw open the door and looked out. A puddle of water not three meters off was glowing with an eerie red light.

"A Blood Moon," Swaggins whispered, his eyes wide with fear.