The promised relative was not waiting back at the house, which sent Silver into tears again. The sun was setting.

"I wonder if anything has changed with the Wall's defeat," Swaggins said. "Oh, a lot has changed, trust me," Stryker replied. "and not for our benefit."

The sun sank. Denis was chopping wood a few feet outside the door. Suddenly, he was dive-bombed by two immense eyeballs - not as big as the Eye of Cthulhu, but much larger than Demon Eyes. As he stabbed one, its mouth opened, like a miniature version of the Eye. They struck him and bit him all over. Thankfully, he was able to get in, with only a small bite on his forearm, where his unprotected hand had stabbed out at the eyes.

"My God!" Swaggins yelped. "It seems there are all sorts of nasties!"

They tried to hold the fort, but they soon discovered walking suits of armor that could break down doors easily. So they soon just held the entrance points, doors cracking beneath their feet. They were almost overwhelmed; Silver's newest spell fired powerful skulls at the enemies, Stryker shot a wave of bullets from his new rifle, Swaggins flung his flail again and again, Squazz rained down stars, but they were thankful when the monsters dispersed with the sun's rays.

They decided to go and check out the land, which they had done fairly little of as of late. But as they reached a cliff near the house, they saw the Corruption had spread almost to it. Eaters and larger, four-fanged monsters sailed in the skies above them.

On the other side, things were of a different variety of bad. A rainbow-treed land with turquoise grass had spread towards them. Unicorns barreled up and down, trying to get at the adventurers, and Squazz's stars smote some pixies headed to them.

Swaggins whirled and grabbed Silver's arm. "What have we got ourselves into?"