The adventurers stood over the land of the Hallow. Swaggins gripped Silver's shoulder. Stryker's Undertaker fell to his side, unused. Squazz fell to her knees. Denis experimentally jabbed with his spear at the ground, then looked bleakly ahead.

"What have we done?" Swaggins whispered.

"Avenged Andrew," Silver replied, his eyes watering. "But at this price?" replied Squazz.

A unicorn jumped up the ledge towards them. Squazz swung her new sword and struck it down. It dropped a horn, which Squazz picked up. "Wow! It's amazingly weird!" The others looked at her.

They reached the house, which was almost overrun by the Corruption. Silver watched as the purple ground inched forward, about to cover up the house he and Andrew had worked so hard to build. A tear rolled down his cheek for the second time that day. Suddenly, a pale green-skinned woman dashed out of the dark Corruption and threw some flowers at his feet. "Take these! Plant them! They shalt protect thy house!" Then a ball of greenish-purple liquid shot out of a Corruptor's mouth and knocked her dead.

Silver stared in shock as Stryker shot down the Corruptor. Then he picked up the flowers and gently placed them in the earth by his house. The Corruption touched them, but seemed to recoil, not touching them. He did the same on the Hallow side.

"What do we do now?" Denis asked plaintively. "Well, we need the ores," Stryker replied. "Follow me."

They went underground in the Corruption. There was not a whole lot of changes, just Corruptors and World Feeders. Silver collected some of the flames they dropped.

"This is what we need!" Stryker exclaimed. They had found several grayish-purple altars with horns sticking up. "Here, take your hammer," he told Denis, "and smash them." Denis did. Wraithlike black creatures with red eyes appeared and attacked. Squazz and Swaggins beat them back. A patch of bluish ore generated in a cave off to their right. A patch of golden-orange ore generated beneath Silver's feet. Stryker and Squazz pulled out molten pickaxes and mined it. "This is cobalt," Stryker explained, pointing to the blue ore, "and this is palladium. It's used to make armor and weapons. Smash more, Denis!"

Denis did, happily. Squazz and Swaggins had no troubles smashing the wraiths. More ore generated: Cobalt, palladium, mythril, orichalcum, adamantite and titanium. Each was mined with no trouble, after Stryker crafted an anvil of iron to make a drill of cobalt, as well as a forge he had gotten in the Underworld. Piece by piece, ore by ore, pick by pick, six sets of armor and weapons were crafted.

Squazz armed herself with Titanium Armor as well as a Titanium Waraxe, since she had to get up close and personal with enemies. Swaggins, since he was second melee, got Adamantite as well as an Adamantite Glaive, which he stated he would not use no matter what. Denis took Orichalcum, as well as an Orichalcum Halberd. Silver took Mythril, but no weapon at all. Stryker ended up taking a full set of Palladium Armor.

When they were all suited up, they climbed back home. As they beat back the Wandering Eyes and Possessed Armor with their new weapons, they reflected on the fact that they had done an irreparable wrong to the world, but they had done their best to stop it.

"You know?" Swaggins said to Silver. "I get the feeling this'll be a terrible night."