The group of adventurers headed back to the house, prepared for something that they weren't sure of. Every one of them had a bad feeling about the coming evening. The sun was setting, and Swaggins shivered. "I feel like something is... watching me?" Squazz replied, "Well, if it's the Eye of Cthulhu, we can handle it like a piece of cake." Silver told Squazz, "I feel it too. But it's more like more than one something."

The last rim of the orange sun sunk below the horizon at that moment. The adventurers heard a tremendous...


It was repeated twice. Then two giant eyeballs rose out of the ground. One was green and the other was red. The adventurers scattered.

From the start of the fight, it was clear that the adventurers were outmatched. Squazz jumped around, swinging her Titanium Sword at the green eye, with Stryker blasting away below her. Denis stabbed when it came too close.

Silver was casting skulls, streams of water and fiery balls at the red eye, to no avail. Swaggins swung his mighty Sunfury, stunning the big eye again and again, but it wasn't enough.

Squazz was knocked aside, armor flickering with green flames. Denis's Dark Lance snapped in half, unleashing a blast of sound and darkness that stunned everyone on the battlefield. Swaggins's Sunfury started to dim, no longer unleashing a wave of heat wherever it went. Silver's arms drooped with exhaustion. Stryker started running out of bullets.

Finally, the green eye unleashed its final blow: A massive wave of green flames shot out and swept over the adventurers. All five collapsed.

As the two eyeballs bore down for a final blow, a white-robed figure stepped out from behind a tree. "Wait!" it screamed. Then it raised its hands. The two eyeballs, incredibly, halted. Then they turned around, looked at each other, and began smashing into each other.

Soon, the eyeballs had turned themselves into more battle-ready forms: The green one's pupil had split into a large maw, like the Eye of Cthulhu's did, except this one was shooting green flames at a steady rate, while the red one's pupil had sprouted a laser cannon.

Soon, the eyes realized what they were doing. By then, they were very weak, but not too weak to muster a final blast at the weakened, unconscious adventurers. As the green one heated up and the red one charged up, the angel stepped out from where he had been hiding. "With the might of the holy ones, I, Koburo the angel, summon back a lost friend to save these adventurers in their time of horror!" he yelled. Then he collapsed.

A heavily muscled man with a tuft of brown hair atop his kindly face and armored body stepped out of the gloom. He aimed a massive crossbow at the red eye and blasted it into a pile of bloody fragments. Then he took out a massive silver-and-gold sword and sliced the green eye in two. Then he stepped forward.

"Silver, old friend, wake up," came the gentle voice, easing Silver's eyelids open. "Drink this," Andrew said, holding out a blue potion with gold bands.

"A-a-andrew? It's really you?" Silver stuttered. "Yes, it's me. That angel's final magic reawakened me, with the might of the holy ones, in the form of this Excalibur and Hallowed gear," Andrew told him. "Now let's wake the others."

Soon, the others were awake too, or at least awake enough to see the pair of pure white wings, undirtied by the still-hot ground, resting near a tree. Swaggins asked, "What's that?" Andrew replied, "That's the wings of the angel that saved you. Here, Silver, wear them."

Silver wore them. All of a sudden he lifted off and soared around, smiling. He landed back at the feet of his friends and embraced them all. "I'm so glad we're alive!" everyone cheered. Andrew smiled. "Let's get a good night's rest now," he told them. "But first, I feel rumblings in the very ground. Let's handle that beastie first," he announced, winking.