The rumblings in the ground soon intensified, but the adventurers were too happy to care. Andrew was back!

The rumblings soon manifested themselves in the form of a giant steel worm, which they dispatched with ease. It dropped some orange-red spheres, which they collected, along with the green ones from the giant eyeballs. Everyone was joyful.

When they reached the house, a short, irritable man was waiting for them. "About time!" he scoffed. "Buy some of this! Only 35 gold!" Stryker bought a massive shark-like gun, which shot bullets extremely fast. The arms dealer left.

In the morning, they decided to go different places: Squazz would head to the Jungle with Stryker, and Silver would head to the Corruption. Swaggins would head to the Desert. Denis would head to the tundra. Andrew would go to the Hallow.

They met back at the house in time for nightfall. Silver wielded a new spellbook: This one shot bouncing green fireballs. Swaggins had a massive black and white flail that confused enemies when they were struck, causing them to walk backwards. Squazz was decked out in tough, turtle-like armor that made her almost impervious to damage, as well as leafy wings. Stryker had found a strange biome beneath the Jungle, full of glowing mushrooms and a strange man, shaped like a mushroom. He had sold them a spear that left mushrooms behind, which Squazz gave to Denis, and Stryker himself had glowing blue armor that made him almost invisible. Stryker gave a set of lime-green armor to Denis, who had nothing to show except a few icy weapons, including a staff and a sword. Andrew had a spellbook that shot wickedly fast crystals, which he gave to Silver.

They beat a massive skeleton that rose from the ground easily, letting him drop his blue-purple spheres. However, when they did, they heard a massive rustling sound come from the Jungle's direction. It died down after a while, but was still omnipresent. "Wonder what that is," Stryker said. "That's... Plantera," Andrew said reluctantly. "A foe far beyond the likes of anything we have ever faced. Let's train for it."

And train they did. Squazz practiced dodging blank shots from Stryker. Denis parried magic shots from Silver. Swaggins and Andrew went flail-to-sword.

"I think we're ready," Andrew said at last.