"We're off to beat Planteraaaaaa!" Swaggins sung as the group marched toward the Jungle. "Not so fast," Andrew warned him. "This enemy is wickedly strong, way beyond whatever you have faced in my absence." Squazz admitted, "We haven't really fought anything big aside from the Wall." Andrew nodded. "See, that confirms it. Plantera is about twice as hard to kill as the Wall, and a lot stronger."

Swaggins was quiet after that.

The group reached the edge of the desert that led to the Jungle. The sun was about to start rising. "Okay, let's go!" Stryker commanded. They started out.

"Why is it so dark?" Silver asked plaintively. "Where's the sun?"

"It hasn't risen yet, Silver," Squazz sighed.

"Nope. There it is," Andrew corrected, pointing to a black disc with a fiery orange edge. "Solar Eclipse. Get ready for battle beyond the likes of anything you've seen."

Soon, the monsters started swarming. Silver had built a pillar and platform, so they attacked from there, except Denis and Squazz, who held back the monsters below.

It was terrible. There were vampires, ooze monsters, eyeball zombies that shot lasers, frankensteins, all manner of horrors. They swarmed from all sides. Eyezors shot lasers at Stryker as he shot them down. Squazz and a vampire went sword-on-fang. Swaggins smashed his flail into a Swamp Thing, but it just absorbed the blow. Silver cast bouncing green fireballs all over, setting reapers on fire. A Frankenstein leaned away from spear jabs launched by Denis.

Finally, the night came again, quietly and full of relief. "That was... that was... terrible," Silver panted. His energy was almost depleted, and he drank some potions.

For loot, Squazz, Denis and Swaggins each had identical swords, old and broken in two. Silver held a huge black scythe nervously, offering it to Andrew and finally giving it to Squazz, who agreed to carry it for a while. "That's all?" Denis whined. "We risked our lives and all we get is this broken stuff?" Andrew halted him. "There's more power in these swords than you think. They were once a hero's sword, but that hero fell in battle with these monsters. Now we have them - and we can do good with them. Here, watch." He took out his Excalibur and laid it flat against one of the swords. A glowing pink light enveloped them all. When it cleared, the Excalibur was much longer and more pink. When Andrew swung it, a pink afterimage sailed out and speared a Zombie through the head.

Everyone looked surprised. They continued their trek to the Jungle.

As the sun rose for the first time in two days, the adventurers dove into a pool of water to reach the Underground Jungle.

It was far worse. Giant bats flitted around, moths attacked them, giant mossy hornets shot stingers. Derpy blue beetles on huge legs hopped around.

"Well, where do we fight Plantera?" Silver asked.

"There," Andrew said, pointing to a pink bulb up on a wall of the Jungle.

"Oooh oh oh oh! I get to break it!" Silver yelped, tripping and landing on an identical pink bulb at his feet.

The jungle echoed with the rustling of vines and a huge grassy