Plantera roared through the Underground Jungle, tearing up vines and bushes in its path. All the creatures scattered, while the adventurers positioned themselves.

First, Plantera reeled toward Silver. Silver blasted it with his new Cursed Flames. It reeled away, straight into Swaggins's Dao of Pow, then into a stream of bullets from Stryker's Clockwork Assault Rifle, then into Squazz's Breaker Blade. So the battle went, until Denis was almost gone. They grabbed him and left the Jungle for the safety of the forest.

Stupid move. Plantera roared in fury and opened its mouth. Sharp brown balls flew out at the adventurers. With considerable effort, they subdued it.

Once they were done, they happily surveyed the loot: A large, flower-like Vilethorn for Silver, a green gun that fired extremely fast for Stryker, a massive flower-headed flail for Swaggins and a brownish-green key. Squazz attached it to her belt ring.

"Where to next?" Silver asked. "Now we head... to the Dungeon. Single most deadly place in Terraria," Andrew told him. All the adventurers grinned at the prospect of a fight.

The Dungeon was pitch-black, all light extinguished. There were blue candles flickering lightly.

As they entered, tall skeletons came out of the gloom, their bodies clad in glinting blue armor so thick Swaggins later tried to stick one of his flail spikes through it and failed. They dropped a polishing rag and some polish, which Squazz rubbed on her armor. In addition, they dropped a massive sword shaped like a key. Squazz grabbed this eagerly, swinging it through a group of purple-robed, crouching skeletons. "Must be hobos," Silver later commented. These skeletons dropped an oddly shaped purple staff.

Farther down, there were orange-armored skeletons whose very presence heated up the air. Fiery mages cast balls of inferno at them and later dropped an orange fork. Silver got his hands on a magnetic sphere that hung in the air and shot electricity here.

At the farthest level, there were ragged mages that blinded enemies temporarily. They were swept down. Along with them, huge rusty-armored skeletons attacked as well. This was living hell.

When they finally got out, Silver tallied up their loot:

  • 1 Shadowbeam Staff
  • 1 Inferno Fork
  • 1 Tactical Shotgun
  • 1 Sniper Rifle
  • 91 Ectoplasm
  • 1 Magnet Sphere
  • 1 Keybrand
  • 3 Armor Polish
  • 1 Adhesive Bandage

"Wow!" they exclaimed. Silver had a lot of new toys to play with, and they all were happy.

Suddenly, they felt their entire bodies go numb...