Those of you who have been worried for my stories, fear not! My finger had to take a break for a while, but it is very nearly healed. Expect more coming!

"Lordy, what is that?" Silver gasped, looking up at the sky. There, silhouetted against the sun, was a huge shape. Swaggins lifted his numb arms, holding a pair of binoculars, and looked through them. "It looks... like a giant brain!" he yelped.

Squazz spoke. "In our world," she began, "there's this massive brain that lives in the Crimson. But it didn't make us go numb..."

Andrew opened his guidebook and flipped through it. "I have no idea what it is. Hope it's friendly."

Soon, the shape floated off to the ocean. All the adventurers collapsed to the floor, their bodies giving out from the magnetic field exerted.

"Excuse me," a quiet voice said behind them, "but do you need help?"

They picked themselves up and wheeled around to see an immense man in a suit of pitted and scarred silver armor looking at them. He held a huge shield with one hand, a hammer with the other. He lifted the hammer. "I'm Arthur, a Paladin from the Dungeon. I saw you going through, and I decided to help. I'm not like those other, warlike Paladins."

Squazz asked, "What warlike Paladins? Where? We saw no one!"

Arthur answered, "Oh, they're kind of secretive. But once you see them, you're too late." He wheeled his hammer in his hand and sent it smashing with deadly accuracy into the bricks at the top of the Dungeon, raining a shower of plaster down. No one had time to react. "Wow..." Silver breathed. Arthur smiled behind his helmet. "Let's go. I know where to next. You have the Key from Plantera?"

Andrew handed it to him. Taking his cues from his friend, Silver decided to trust the immense man.

They headed back to the Jungle and then down into the earth. When they looked around a bit, pushing aside vines and brush, they found ancient orange-brown bricks with strange symbols.

"This," Andrew said, "is the Lihzahrd Temple. Inside lies a being of immense power. If we defeat it, we get loot!"

They stepped inside. The walls were covered with strange symbols and mouths with spikes poking out. Andrew threw a loose stone at the floor, triggering a pressure plate, which sent spears arcing out of the walls to strike the other. All the adventurers leaned back. Swaggins pulled a pair of wire cutters from his belt, seeing something in his vision change. "I can... see wires all over!" he exclaimed. Then he cut the offending metal, making the traps harmless. Squazz struck the traps with her pickaxe, but failed to break them.

After mazes, they reached an immense room. Flying snakes flitted overhead, occasionally divebombing the adventurers and being slammed into a wall by Silver's Inferno Fork blasts. Squads of lizard-like monsters attacked with spears and tridents. "I think I saw those on a television once..." Andrew noted.

Finally, they reached the center of the altar. Swaggins pulled a battery out of his pocket and stuck it on an ancient slot cut in the stone table. A rumbling shook the room.

Suddenly, a massive red stone figure dropped down out of the ceiling, cracking the floor where it landed. It had a sun on its chest and massive, chain-linked fists. Squazz and Stryker struck at the left fist, Swaggins, Denis and Silver at the right, and Andrew and Arthur struck at the massive head.

The fists were hard to deflect, as they were so heavy. Denis was punched into a wall, and Squazz was lifted sky-high.

"And that," Swaggins said, "is why we never get in a fistfight with ambidextrous people."

Soon, the head detached from the body and started firing flaming lasers down at the adventurers. Arthur stepped in and went berserk on the Golem. His hammer was a blur, his shield a fallout shelter. Soon, the Golem was a pile of red rubble and loot.

"Sorry about that," he apologized. "I sometimes go berserk in battle. It's from my mother's side."

"So you mean," Swaggins asked, "yo mama had anger issues?"

Everyone laughed, then started to look at the spoils.

Squazz got a wickedly strong orange pick whose head was bent both ways, Swaggins got a massive gun that shot a miniature Golem fist, Silver got a laser pistol-like weapon that shot a beam of yellow light, Denis got a massive, boulder-topped staff and Stryker got a hatchet that homed in on enemies and then returned to his hand.

"That... was... AWESOME!" Silver yelled. "Where to now?"

When they got out of the Jungle, it was dark and pumpkins grew on the grass. "Hmm..." Andrew said, inspecting them. "I think it's about time for the Pumpkin Moon."