Andrew would still not tell them what the Pumpkin Moon was. Even Arthur didn't know. He just gathered pumpkins and bars and ectoplasm with the rest of them.

Finally, they were ready, and gathered around the table in Silver's house. A calendar on the wall said October 31. A jack o'lantern flickered on the front step.

"The Pumpkin Moon is a terrible thing. Horrific monsters come and attack us in waves. Each wave makes it harder. There are many things - Scarecrows, Hellhounds, Poltergeists and things too horrific to mention."

Soon, night fell, a huge orange moon peeking over the horizon. Andrew held the orange medallion up to the sky and yelled a battle cry.

The Pumpkin Moon began. The moon turned orange with an evil, flickering face on it. The shadows darkened. Evil laughs sounded from all around, echoing off cliffs.

It started quietly. First they were alone, then Splinterlings surrounded them. Swaggins splintered the Splinterlings with his Flower Pow's might. Squazz sliced her way through a line of Scarecrows as Silver protected her back from the Hellhounds that leapt. Stryker vaporized a line of Poltergeists with his Sniper Rifle.

Soon, a monster appeared that was too strong. It was the Headless Horseman. It rode a mount of shadows, its glowing head flickering with evil light. It charged into Squazz and then Andrew, sending them flying backwards. Arthur stepped in front, catching its charge midway with his heavy armor. He grunted as it struck, then sent a barrage of hammer blows into its face. The pumpkin cracked down the middle and the light went out. The Horseman crumbled, and Squazz asked "Is that the hardest we'll face?" Andrew responded grimly, "Nope. Much worse is coming."

Much worse came. Giant purple trees that cackled evilly as they burned the ground. Immense black-robed pumpkin-faced men, launching scythes at the adventurers. Soon, the adventurers' sanity was strained by these horrors.

Finally, the moon started to sink. As it did, the Pumpkin Moon climaxed. Pumpkings attacked in droves, avoiding blasts of Silver's Inferno Fork. Squazz went sword-on-sword with a band of Headless Horsemen. Mourning Woods blasted Andrew and Denis with fire, sidestepping their swings and stabs.

Soon, all the monsters were dead, except the strongest of the Pumpkins. He sliced deep gashes into Denis and Arthur's armor and knocked Silver and Swaggins away. Andrew was repelled by a viney arm. Finally, Squazz leapt up and catapulted head over heels. Her Keybrand lashed out and sliced off the pumpkin-shaped head. The Pumpking dissolved into dust, dropping a single perfect orange blade.

The adventurers collected themselves and their loot just as the sun rose. Squazz armed herself with the orange sword, Stryker with a rifle that shot candy corn as well as a stake-shooting crossbow, Denis with a staff that summoned ravens and Silver with a bat-shooting staff.

"What now?" Swaggins asked, sitting cross-legged on Silver's kitchen floor and staring at the pile of loot.

"I suggest we stay home for a while. Enough adventuring. Until maybe... Christmas?" Andrew suggested.