A fire burned in the hearth, its light reflecting off the baubles hung from the ceiling. A Christmas tree twinkled in the corner, lighting up the presents beneath.

Denis bounded down the stairs, his spear strapped to his back. Squazz, Stryker and Andrew trudged drowsily after him.

"It's CHRISTMAS!" the spearman yelled, loud enough to wake Silver, Swaggins and Arthur. They tumbled down the stairs. The Christmas tree was pushed aside, the presents dragged out. Squazz had given them all identical purple shields with an ankh symbol in the center. Everyone thanked her profusely. Denis had given out dirt blocks, claiming that "pet dirt blocks were the latest in fashion." Silver tied a ribbon around his, then dropped it to pick up a freshly unwrapped Frost Staff. He swung it in an arc, and icicles dropped from the ceiling.

Arthur had been given some armor bracing by Swaggins. He gave the flailman a smaller Paladin's Hammer.

Finally, they got to the last present. It was purplish, and tied with a magenta ribbon. A skull was emblazoned on the edge. It was addressed "to the Adventurers." Silver eagerly opened the top.

A gust of cold air washed out, blanketing them all in a layer of frost. And the Frost Moon began.

First, only Zombie Elves rushed them, their decaying arms covered in bright green and red gloves. Squazz sliced through them.

This was like the Pumpkin Moon, except worse. Much worse. Soon, they were all going single combat against at least half a dozen enemies.

Squazz went sword-to-branch with several Everscreams, screaming all the while. Swaggins swooped in from overhead, bringing his flail through the heads of ten Krampii. Silver kept his eyes closed and concentrated, melting the cold from around them with his Inferno Fork. Yetis pummeled the ground with hairy fists, trying to smash a tired Denis. Snowflake-like Flockos swooped down in arc-like paths, slicing deep grooves in Andrew's armor. Arthur swung his hammer in vain at Ice Queens flying high above, as Stryker shot return fire at Elf Copters.

Soon, as the monsters came too thick to be dispatched, Swaggins noticed something. He told Stryker to aim for one Ice Queen flying high above the rest, waves of cold coming off its body in waves. Stryker did, delivering a stream of bullets with his newly obtained Venus Magnum, a gift from Squazz.

Soon, with lots of running around and shooting, the Ice Queen was dead. It plunked down in a frosty hunk next to Stryker, who dodged its body. All the other monsters seemed to lose the will to live. They collapsed, letting themselves to be beaten to pieces.

"Well, that was... active," Silver commented, searching through the remains. He retried an Everscream's branch and handed a long, tree-like sword to Squazz. Denis grabbed a long, snowflake-topped spear out of the Ice Queen's remains.

Suddenly, a glint caught Swaggins's eye. There was a strange staff nestled in the pile of ice to his right. Just as he reached down to grab it, a figure came rushing out of nowhere and grabbed it. "HEY! That's mine!" Swaggins yelled after the fast-disappearing figure. He stood there, fists clenched at his sides.

His companions gathered, smiling at their new loot and clapping Swaggins on the back for his revolutionary idea of defeating the Queen.

When they came back to their house, the sun was setting. The snow outside glistened with the orange and red light of the dying day.

"So, how was your Christmas?" Silver asked Swaggins, patting his friend on the back.

"It was the best Christmas ever," Swaggins replied, leaning on the doorframe.