Christmas was over, the presents unwrapped, the Frost Moon's evils over, the loot resting in shining piles in the packs of the adventurers. Dawn was breaking, and Silver made a decision. He called everyone to the table in the main room and spoke.

"Everyone... I think it's time we take a vacation."

So they went to the beach. Swimming in the ocean was out of the question, since there were sharks, but they did find a sleeping man there. Squazz woke him up.

"Ha... wa... takethis.... fishwithit..." He held out a battered fishing pole and handed it to Squazz, then went back to sleep.

Squazz held it in her hand, unsure what to do. Andrew showed her how to put bait and line on it. Silver, impulsive as always, stuck a bluish-white worm on it and handed it back to Squazz, who cast it out into the ocean.

"Wainodon'tdothat!" Andrew screamed, too late. As Squazz pulled back on the line, a massive fish-pig creature came flying out of the ocean, shooting bubbles at them. Swaggins smashed through them with his flail, but they still blasted Denis far away.

Andrew screamed, "Duke Fishron, drowner of souls and the quencher of life itself! Runnnnnnn!"

Silver grinned. "Nice resume. But you're not escaping me."

He and Swaggins took to the sky, their weapons flashing and weaving in the sky. Fishron dived below them, taking a hefty smack on the snout from the Flower Pow of Swaggins, but managed to slam into Squazz and send her into the ocean. Stryker began swimming out to rescue her, but a tornado picked both of them up and sent them into battle with a horde of bat-like sharks.

Arthur was kept in place by a whirlwind of blue rings, circling about him. Andrew was thrown far and wide on tornadoes.

Swaggins and Silver started worrying. This fish-pig had taken their friends down easily.

Silver flew up to a ledge and started firing his Inferno Fork at the pig. Swaggins pummeled it from below with the Flower Pow.

This barely made a dent in the mighty monster, but later it went into a more desperate stage. Its skin darkened, it started flying so fast that Silver couldn't catch up, and its eyes turned an evil, poisonous yellow.

Suddenly, Silver had a thought. "Distract it!" he yelled to Swaggins. He then started building a huge box of wood that encircled him, Swaggins and the monster.

Swaggins's distraction failed at about the time Silver finished the box. He was thrown against the wall hard and blacked out. Silver screamed in rage, pulled up his hood and started firing his Shadowbeam Staff straight up.

The Staff ricocheted up and down instantaneously, drilling through Fishron in a dozen places. The magic of Silver's hood kept him alive as the damage to the fish creature started skyrocketing.

Finally, it was over. Silver slumped to the ground, a blue spellbook clutched in his bloodied hand.

Andrew, who had swum to shore after his tornado dissipated, picked him up and tossed a large, blue bow to Stryker. When Swaggins awoke, he grabbed a large flail with the creature's head. Swaggins took great delight in smashing the head against a tree.

On the way home, Silver stirred. Arthur, who was carrying him, trickled a potion gently into his mouth.

When they got home, the sunflowers they had put up were uprooted, scattered across the ground in all directions. The house was in flames. And the Corruption and Hallow met in the center of it, the energy released by their struggle astronomical, pushing away the adventurers.