"What's a Blood Moon?" Silver asked. "It's a terrible thing - the moon turns red as blood, and monsters are called by it. It's HORRIBLE," Swaggins answered. "I've only heard of it before, from a passing merchant. We'd better get somewhere safe."

"Here, up to my house," Silver volunteered. "It's well protected - only some doors, and zombies can't open those, eh?"

"Actually, they can," Swaggins responded, "on a Blood Moon."

A thought occurred to Silver. "ANDREW!" he screamed, and started climbing up to where he had fallen from. Swaggins followed.

When they reached the ledge, Silver noticed something he hadn't noticed before: An ancient, weather-beaten, gold-painted chest was standing just to the side of the cave. He opened it quickly and sorted through the contents. "Hmm... some claws we could put on our hands, some potions, a blowpipe thing, and... oh! This is cool! A big... eyeball. Weird."

The two adventurers donned the claws and made quick headway up the cave. When they got up and back to Silver's house, they found it already besieged by zombies and flying eyeballs that bounced around. Andrew was piling furniture against the doors, but opened up when the two adventurers put their eyes to the hole in the door after clearing out the zombies. One of them dropped a pair of manacles from its emaciated hands, which Silver looped around his hand thoughtfully.

They stepped inside, Swaggins and Silver taking up arms at either door. Suddenly, a huge wave of zombies came at Silver's side. They slammed into the door, bursting it open and sending Silver flying across the floor. He landed on the eye that he had picked up earlier, splattering it into fragments. Everyone except the zombies (who had died before Swaggins's sword) and Silver froze. Silver was rolling on the floor, screaming "EW EW EW EW EW EW EW!!!!" An almighty roar cut through the frozen silence. "OUT OF THE HOUSE!" Swaggins yelled. Andrew, Swaggins and Silver (whose armor was covered in eye blood) sprinted out of the house as fast as they could. Andrew and Silver drew swords, and Swaggins drew a platinum bow. They all braced themselves as an immense eyeball hurtled out of the air toward them.