The Corruption and Hallow had met, and a rift in space-time had appeared where they fought for control - in the center of the burning remains of the adventurers' house. Corrupt and Hallowed creatures swarmed all around it, united in their hatred for the humans.

A voice rang out across the plains of life and death. "We shall exterminate the human race... you should never have existed... you will die by our minions' hands..." All the adventurers shuddered at the disembodied voice - no, two voices, intertwined, one high and almost kindly, one low and deadly.

The adventurers chose the only available option: battle.

Stryker, Squazz and Denis leapt down on the Hallow side of the house and started slashing, stabbing and shooting at Unicorns, Enchanted Swords and Gastropods as they came near.

Swaggins, Silver, Arthur and Andrew leapt to the Corruption side, taking care to avoid the huge space-time rift. A wave of Corruptors and Slimers took to the air, swooping down at the brave adventurers.

Back and forth the battle surged, each side trying to crush the other into nothingness.

All the adventurers were exhausted, while the monsters were fresh and strong. And they had numbers. Numbers upon numbers. Waves and waves of monsters just kept coming. The adventurers were facing hordes of at least 1000 - much more than they could handle at one time. Squazz whirled in a circle, parrying swipes from 20 Enchanted Swords at once. Stryker sprinted as fast as he could across the blue grass, dodging stabs from a herd of unicorns. Gastropods fired innumerable lasers at Denis and  his snowflake-shooting spear.

Silver was nearly overwhelmed just deflecting the Corruptor's spit, let alone killing them in the first place. Swaggins's Flairon was swinging slower and slower as it ripped through the Devourers and World Feeders. Arthur could barely bring himself to smash through the hordes of Corrupt Slimes.

And then, when it seemed it could not get any worse, they came. The defeated ones. The bosses who had fallen beneath the adventurers.

The Eye of Cthulhu lunged down at them as the sun began to sink, diverting all Andrew's attention to it. He shot with his Hallowed Repeater, about half of the arrows deflecting off the rock-hard surface of the eye.

The Eater of Worlds came out of the Corrupted hellscape, its many segments roaring and its mouthparts clicking as they lunged for Denis, who stabbed it all the way through.

The Queen Bee roared toward them, diverting Silver's attention to killing it and its minions. Its shell was rock-hard now and deflected most of his passes.

Skeletron flew through the air, forcing Swaggins to attack it and ignore the monsters pummeling him. Its bones were fused into a nearly unbreakable mass, smashing into the adventurer.

Arthur smashed his hammer again and again into the Destroyer as it wrecked the battlefield. Stryker fired six arrows at once at the Twins. Skeletron Prime swiped at Squazz as she chopped at its hands.

Plantera and the Golem roared out of the confines of the twisting Jungle, ready to take on opponents. Plantera was enraged. Its vines deflected shots toward it, and it launched spiky balls at Arthur and Andrew, who were each fighting two bosses at once to take Plantera down. The Golem slammed into Denis, launching him away. The Eater of Worlds followed them.

Finally, Duke Fishron came, bringing with him the scent of corpses left rotting on the seabed for eons. Silver diverted his attention from the Queen Bee, leaving Swaggins to bring it down alone. He knew that this was his fight. Duke Fishron would still be killing innocent animals in the deep seas had it not been for Silver, clumsy adventurer.

Silver was nearly unbeatable as he attacked the leviathan again and again. Nettle Burst, Shadowbeam Staff, Inferno Fork, all lashed out indiscriminately, turning the air above the battlefield into a vortex of leaves, shadows, water, fire, lightning, everything known to mankind.

The smoke eventually cleared, the bosses defeated, both the Corruption and Hallow fled back into their space-time warp, gone from the now peaceful world of Terraria.

Silver stood on one leg, leaning against Swaggins. Denis planted his spear in the dirt and leaned on that. Squazz rested her back against a boulder left intact by the fighting. Andrew and Arthur hugged each other, the Guide barely managing to get his arms around the suit of armor. Stryker held his Undertaker straight up and fired.

The sound rang out between the cliffs of Terraria - a free land.

Hey guys! I'm really happy and sad that this story has drawn to a close. All the adventurers will go their separate ways, and be happy in doing so. This is where the story ends. If you wish it, I may add a little more, but I'm definitely planning to do something for when the "Lunar Boss" comes out.



The adventurers thank you!

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