The three friends huddled together, their weapons drawn. "Well, if this is it," Silver started, "it's been nice knowing you." His companions nodded assent. The eye hurtled ever closer. Just as it struck the ground, a sword came out of nowhere and cleaved it almost down the middle. The eye roared. As it flinched away from the blow, six rapid shots came out of nowhere and filled the eye's smooth body with holes. It flew off, then came back for another pass. Each time, either the bullets or the sword would come, until the eye changed shape. Its iris and pupil disapperead, to be replaced by a gaping jaw with huge fangs. "Dodge it, then stab," the sword-wielding fighter whispered to Silver and Andrew. "Climb up here and snipe it, with me!" a rough voice shouted from where the bullets had come from. Swaggins followed it up the cliff. The young adventurers followed the orders of the fighters, and soon the eye was dead. It left behind many blocks of shining purple stone. "What WAS that thing?" Silver gasped. "It was the Eye of Cthulhu," the sword-wielding figure said. "Oh, and by the way, you can call me Squazz. That gun-toting derp over there is Stryker." She reached a hand out of her red armor and shook Andrew's and Silver's in turn. Andrew asked, "Stryker... like eye striker?" Stryker laughed. "Well, no, but I do strike eyes!"

The five adventurers approached the pile of loot left by the Eye of Cthulhu. "This is Demonite," Squazz explained. "It makes stronger weapons and tools than platinum - you'd better get rid of that." Swaggins protested, but eventually removed his bow to exchange it for a Demonite bow. He tested out the balance. "Well, not as good as platinum, of course, but good."

Andrew was curious about the gear Squazz and Stryker were carrying. He turned to Squazz first. "You're carrying a Blood Butcherer. That's a sword I've never personally seen before. And you have... Crimson Armor! Never seen that either." Squazz nodded affirmation. Andrew then inspected Stryker's weapons. "Hmm... you have Necro Armor, of course. That's easy to find. But this gun... what is- Oh! It's an Undertaker! I've heard of that, but never seen it, of course." Stryker looked vaguely amused.

Once they were done picking up the Eye's loot, Swaggins had a bow of demonite, Silver was opting for a battleaxe and Andrew had gotten a sword. They each examined their weapons, very pleased.

"This still doesn't tell me anything," Andrew said, his finger in Squazz's face. "Those weapons CAN'T be gained on a world without a bloody biome full of death and decay. And we don't have that. What did you do?"

"We actually, ah, came from a separate world. I'm not sure how it happened, but we did get this loot."

"I ain't believing that," Andrew said, "but we might as well take your help while it's there."

Silver, eager to head off a quarrel, asked, "Where to now?"

"Oh, that's easy," Stryker said. "We could go to the dungeon, the jungle or the Corruption."

The fivesome voted. Squazz cast her vote in favor of the jungle, Andrew in favor of nowhere, Silver in favor of the dungeon and Swaggins and Stryker in favor of the Corruption.

"Guess we're on our way," Stryker said, and led them east.