The sun was rising over the purple land of the Corruption. Eaters drifted far in the sky, ready to swoop down on the adventurers. Stryker, not looking up, shot them out of the sky with his Undertaker. They landed with a thud, long after the shots had left the gun. "Come with me," Andrew whispered. "Why are we whispering?" he added as an afterthought. His companions shrugged.

Andrew led them to the edge of a massive chasm. Squazzil looked over the edge and immediately reeled back, hands over her eyes. "It's so deep," she moaned. Swaggins looked over. It was deep, a purple patch of ground visible far below. "What do we do?" Silver asked, nervously scanning the sky for Eaters. "We climb," Stryker volunteered.

It took several hours to reach the bottom of the chasm. When they did, it opened into a long cave. There were massive altars, their tops lined with bones. "Don't touch them if you like your face where it is," Andrew warned. He nervously guided the group past them. As they progressed down the cave, the air grew colder. Squazzil shivered. She pulled her red-and-gray pickaxe out and nervously hammered at the ground. It broke beneath her feet and she tumbled down.

"Squazzil!" Swaggins and Silver yelped. She called up from the hole, "I'm alright. It's freezing down here, though. There's this orb... it's a terrible thing." Stryker and Andrew exchanged looks. Stryker tossed down his red-and-gray hammer, saying "Try hitting it." Squazzil did. It shattered in a few taps, sending a shiver down all of their spines and dropping an old-fashioned gun, along with some bullets. "Wow!" Squazz yelped, picking them up. She climbed out of the hole and handed it to Stryker. He tested its balance. "I'd say it's an old type of musket. Good craftmanship, but not my Undertaker." He transferred it to Andrew's hands.

The group progressed farther. It grew cold again. Squazz broke another orb. This time, screams echoed up and down the cave, bouncing off the walls. All five covered their ears, though Silver uncovered them and yelped in delight as Squazz tossed him a thorn-like spear. He aimed it and a bolt of thorny light came out, flying right through the wall. "Wow!"

Finally, after several Eater attacks, they reached a spot where the cold was concentrated. It was also a dead end. There was an orb floating right in midair at the end. Squazz hammered at it, and, tossing the flail it dropped to Swaggins, was slammed into the cave wall by the head of an enormous worm-like creature.