The massive, worm-like creature zoomed into the cave, carrying Squazz with it. It slammed into the cave wall with her, passing right through. Squazz crumpled to the ground, and Stryker ran to check on her. "It's the... Eater of Worlds!" Andrew gasped, running to the cave wall. The Eater of Worlds tunneled out again, only to meet a blow from Swaggins's new flail, which severed it completely in half. Both halves seemed to grow independent brains and both swung around, taking on their separator and Silver in single combat. Silver dodged admirably, his armor glinting in the gloom of the cave. His new Vilethorn - for that was what his thorny spear was called - shot evil-looking bolts through the air, following the Eater of Worlds even through walls. It ripped through its entire body.

Soon, all three of the mobile adventurers were exhausted. Stryker still stood over Squazz, delivering powerful blasts with his Undertaker whenever the huge worm grew too close. Squazz was unconscious. Swaggins swung his flail yet slower and less accurately, rarely hitting the Eater. Silver's well-aimed Vilethorn shots grew less aimed and more desperately wielded. His energy was drained. Andrew mostly dodged the Eater's attacks, firing with his Demon Bow weakly and inaccurately.

Finally, the Eater disappeared for a long time, pursued by Silver's magic. As the adventurers began to relax, it burst roaring through the end of the cave with a tremendous noise. Silver aimed his Vilethorn... concentrated... and fired. The thorny bolt passed all the way down through the worm, ripping out through its tail. Silver collapsed where he stood, the body of the Eater flying over him. Swaggins swung his flail and missed... Andrew shot his Demon Bow and missed... and the Eater had almost slammed into Squazz and Stryker when a heavily armored figure dropped out of the sky and struck the Eater squarely on the head. It exploded in a shower of shadowy scales, meat and smell of death.

They looted the carcass vigorously, taking the shadowy scales and putting them together to form a shadowy armor from some Demonite that the monster had dropped. Andrew donned the armor, saying it looked good but was freezing cold. They finally remembered their savior.

Swaggins turned around and looked at him. "Thank you. Who are you, by the way?" The armored figure smiled. "I'm Denis," he answered. "I wield spears to take down my enemies." Andrew walked over, opened his book, and inspected the stranger's armor. "This is Molten Armor, forged from the depths of hell... and you wield the Dark Lance, evil trident of the Corruption. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were heavily decked out." Denis smiled. "I come to help those who accidentally awaken the Eater. It's a jerkface. No match for a good spear, though." His smiled faded. "And I think we'd better help your friend now."

Squazz didn't look so good, as Swaggins put it. Her face had turned a nasty shade of green, and a long cut stretched down her leg. Her Crimson Armor's headpiece was cracked in two.

Denis managed to ferret out a golden chest, which held a bottle with clouds in it. Since he was the most alert, Andrew strapped it on and used it to fly the company to the top of the Corruption and back home.

"I think we might not save her," Silver whimpered. "Well, there is a way..." Andrew said. "But it involves going to the Jungle."