"The JUNGLE?" Andrew gasped. Swaggins and Silver looked back and forth from him to Denis, unsure why their friend was so shocked. Andrew explained. "It's a terrible place - full of vines, and traps, and more evil things. Like giant hornets." Denis shrugged. "Eh, shouldn't be too hard. With my spear, of course."

In the end, they decided to go. Andrew and Stryker would stay home and keep watch on Squazz, who was still unconscious. Denis, Swaggins and Silver would travel to the Jungle and collect the healing ingredient - which Denis said was pure, sweet honey.

It was early the next morning when the three adventurers saw the tops of the vine-covered Jungle trees. They were exhausted, having traveled all night and fought to get there. They had had to pass through a desert to get there, and they were all thirsty. Swaggins leaned down to take a drink, but Denis stopped him. "No. The water is full of piranhas who would strip you to the bone in seconds." Swaggins gulped and didn't drink.

Soon, they found a cave and descended into the underground Jungle.

It was the worst place Swaggins and Silver had ever seen. Full of hornets that shot poisonous stingers, man-eating plants, spiky spike-shooting globs of slime and worse, they were terrified. Even with Denis's wicked spear skills ("Glad I've never gotten in a fork-fight with him" Swaggins said) they were hard-pressed to stay alive.

Finally, they found a yellow wall in the green depths of the jungle. This wasn't after Silver's nose was aching from absorbing spores galore (Denis said they were good for magic, so he collected them) and his pockets hurt from carrying several jungle flowers. He had five vines looped around his neck for safekeeping.

They hammered through the wall of honeycomb and were immediately attacked by a swarm of bees. Swaggins plugged the hole with his flail (which he had christened Ball O' Hurt) and listened to the bees beat themselves to death on it.

When the bees' death cries had stopped, the company widened the hole and entered. They found themselves waist-deep in hard-to-move honey. After extricating themselves, Silver climbed up the wall, dislodging several angry bees, and examined something he had found. "Itph duhlehshus," he mumbled around a mouthful of honey. Suddenly, his hands slipped, and he was brought crashing down - straight onto a larva-like creature, which burst.

A rumbling started in the walls of the hive. "Silver," Swaggins began, "did you just summon another stupid creature with your clumsiness?" Denis replied for the embarrassed Silver, "Yes, that's the queen bee. I figured we might meet her."

The bee swooped through. All three adventurers were badly beaten and stung. The bee was about to overwhelm them again, when suddenly...

"I can't let her win. I need to save Squazz," Swaggins moaned, chest-deep in honey. He and Silver swung out, leaving Denis and his heavy armor to sit in the honey.

Together, the two adventurers were unbeatable. Swaggins swung his flail, smashing bees left and right, and Silver aimed his Vilethorn right at the bee queen. Soon, it was a pile of dead bee and honey.

The adventurers pulled some gear out of the remains. Swaggins picked up a sword whose hilt was the wings of a bee, and Silver picked up a huge, six-barreled gun. He tested it and found that it shot angry bees who immediately left the hive to attack some hornets. Denis poked through and found nothing but honey. "We need this to save Squazz," he announced, picking up some bottles.

They made it home safe, just as Squazz's breathing was slowing. They force-fed her honey, and she gradually recovered. Finally, they were ready to adventure. But where to?

"Next step - the Dungeon," Stryker announced grimly.