"To the Dungeon, where no spears can be found!" Denis yelled, leading the small party towards the Dungeon. It could be seen looming over the landscape ahead. Squazz, Stryker and Andrew groaned. They were sick of spears.

They entered the Dungeon, ignoring the hobo who yelled at them, "You must not enter until my master has been defeated!" in a quavery voice. All except Stryker. "You might want to watch out..." he muttered, then called after them, "Stop!" But it was too late. Silver had jumped down.

Suddenly, an immense skull came tearing out of nowhere. It flew straight past Silver, who cowered against the wall. Then it opened its jaw and spoke. (Silver noticed it had a red, green and yellow hat with black dreadlocks). It went something like this:

"Yo dawg, I heard you like the Dungeon! Well dawg, I got news for ya! If ya wanna enter da Dungeon, ya gotta beat Skelerapper! He's my head plus two arms and can rap like the Devil himself! Bettah get stahted! Oh yeh, and Ah'll killya if ya come back 'gain! Sup dawg!"

And it flew back down.

Silver and Swaggins covered their ears. Squazz was passed out. Stryker was curled in the fetal position. Denis couldn't stop crying. Meanwhile, the old hobo came to them and started cackling hoarsely. "I... told you... you must defeat my master! He is called... Skeletron! Tremble, please. I need to make a living."

"Right then," Swaggins noted. "So, can we meet your boss? I'm sure we could convince him to give you a raise." The old man replied in a hacking whisper, "Not so fast! Wait until night, if you know what's good for you."

"Okay," Swaggins replied. He pulled out an anvil and set it down. "Silver, didn't you have a bunch of Jungley loot? Craft whatever here."

Silver did. Soon, he was outfitted in green and flowery armor, with a large hook of ivy at his side. "I like this look," he said, firing off a projectile with his Vilethorn. It struck the bricks of the Dungeon and passed right through, killing a slime on the other side instantly. "Wow, that's powerful! I feel more energetic too!"

Night fell slowly. "So, we need to release you from your curse of a sort, is it?" Silver asked the old man. The man started to tremble and fell to the ground. An immense skull and arms - stripped clean to the bone - floated out and solidified.

"Dang, Silver, you have a problem with summoning stuff," Stryker noted, backing up slowly and raising his pistol.