Hey guys! I know I thought and told you I wouldn't be able to make stories until my finger heals, but I've decided that (for your patience and mine) I'd make one anyway. While this was a long time in the making and will be a bit short, it's still made me happy.

The whirling arms of the giant skeleton caught Denis in the chest, sending the spearman into the wall. The head made a beeline towards Silver, seemingly sensing it was him who woke the bones. He dodged to the side, firing wildly with his Vilethorn.

The skull made two more passes at Silver, each missing. However, on the third, it struck. He flew into the dungeon and knocked his head on a bookshelf. "Oooooohhh," he groaned. A book had fallen on his head. As the skull bore down on him, he opened it and aimed it at the skull. A stream of glowing water flew out and ricocheted around the Dungeon. The skull flew backwards into the wall and shattered. "Guess that is some water!" Silver muttered, looking at the book in his hand.

The left arm had died to the flail Swaggins carried, and the right to several shots from Stryker's Undertaker. The group surveyed the shattered bones, picking some gear out of the rubble.

"Oh, man! A spellbook!" Silver exclaimed, picking up a battered, black volume with a skull on the front. Stryker picked up a miniature version of Skeletron's hands, shooting one out as a grappling hook. "I like this!" he said with a smile.

"Well, if you have finished, we can go into the dungeon now, according to that horrible rapper," Squazz interjected.

They entered the Dungeon. Just as they dodged past a set of spikes (Stryker grappled them across) a skeleton appeared out of the gloom. This skeleton had rusty red armor on its torso and wore a hockey mask. Red eyes shone out of the grid. "OH god freaking skeleton OH god it has a spiky head OH GOD RUN!!" Silver screamed as Swaggins's flail caught the skeleton and sent it rocketing across the room. It shattered, leaving behind some bones, which Stryker picked up, and a key that shone golden. Andrew pocketed it.

They continued through the Dungeon, killing skeletons as they went. They got one more key and many more bones.

Soon, Swaggins jumped off a ledge and hit a gold-and-blue chest. It was locked. However, there was a chest of gold next to it. Andrew stuck his key in, and the chest popped open. Inside was a shiny blue flail. It glowed, lighting up the Dungeon and their faces with a faint blue light. Swaggins withdrew it, placing his Ball O' Hurt inside. "Goodbye, friend, but I just replaced you," he told it. The new flail flew much farther than his old one, and decimated skeletons in one or two hits.

The group found several more chests. Squazz got herself a shiny new blue shield, which protected her well against skeletons, Andrew got a wickedly fast and sharp blue sword and Silver got himself a gold-and-blue scepter. It shot a stream of water when he used it.

Soon, they got out of the Dungeon. There was good loot in their pockets, and good feelings among them. "Where to now?" Andrew asked. "I think... we should go to hell," Stryker answered with a wink. Denis looked at him.

"Excuse me?" Squazz asked.