"To hell?" Denis asked incredulously. "Yes, to hell," Stryker replied, a manic grin on his face. "So let's find a cave and get going!"

They walked for a long time, night and day. At noon on the second day, they came across an area covered in shadow. They looked up... and saw an immense island.

"What the-?" asked Swaggins. "That's a... floating island," Andrew replied. "Harpies appear there, and wyverns, great huge dragons that can kill you like lightning."

They all looked at him. "But that's after we go to the underworld and defeat an immense wall made out of flesh." Everyone looked relieved. "Besides, we can find all sorts of loot up there! C'mon!"

It took a while, but with Swaggins's Cloud in a Bottle, they managed to get Squazz, Andrew and Silver up. Silver and Squazz looked in the chest while Andrew stood guard outside, fending off harpies that shot feathers at him.

Inside the chest sat a pink and gold sword, glittering in the sun. Squazz picked it up and pointed. She focused - and a star fell out of the sky, squashing a harpy flat!

Silver stood openmouthed. He had found himself a horseshoe of gold, which he gave to Andrew. Andrew jumped down, while Swaggins ferried the other two down safely. Andrew's horseshoe negated all falling damage.

Not soon after, they came to a cave. It wasn't anything special, just a regular old cave. But Stryker sniffed the air and smiled. "That is the scent of hell. We're there. C'mon down." There was a sulfurous odor wafting out of the cave, mixed with cold and pure water.

Long, far below soil level, they came upon the first lava. Farther still, mysterious orange flowers dotted their path. Finally, they came to the Underworld.

It was a horrendous place, full of fire and brimstone. Demons flitted about on bat wings, while globs of magma hopped around aimlessly. Towering obsidian castles rose from the lava. Silver and Denis entered one. There was a forge burning hot enough to heat the whole room, and a locked purple chest. Denis pulled out a key he had gotten from the Dungeon, stuck it in, and twisted. It worked! The lid sprang open. Inside was a flaming flail with a head shaped like the sun, and a copy of Denis's Dark Lance. They took the flail and gave it to Swaggins, who loved it instantly.

"This wall of flesh will travel across the Underworld, so we must be prepared to evade lava," Stryker told them. Swaggins strapped his Cloud in a Bottle to his feet and readied his flail. Squazz grabbed one of his arms, while Silver took the other. Denis tried pole-vaulting with his Dark Lance, but failed miserably, and would have fallen into lava had Andrew not pulled him back. He settled for clinging to Stryker as he readied his Skeletron Hand grappling hook. Andrew stood there on the open, hot ground, his sword at his side.

"So how do we summon this thing?" Silver asked quietly. "Well, it requires a voodoo doll to be dropped into lava, which one of the demons holds... there's one!" Andrew said, too loudly, pointing to a demon flying in the distance. "This voodoo doll... it's modeled after... me. My family. The Guides of Terraria."

"Waiwaiwait. So you're saying... when it's dropped, you'll die?" Silver asked tearfully. "But we can't do that!"

"Yes, you can," Andrew said. "You don't need me - you saw how I was in battle. Stryker can tell you what you need to know." Silver sighed. "That isn't the point, Andrew. You're our friend."

"No worries, Silver. You may meet another friend of mine once I'm gone," came the reply. He walked off, shot down the demon, and returned with the doll. "Here, take this and drop it," he told them, face shrouded. He pulled a cap out from his pocket and stuck it on his head - a green one, with a short sun visor. "I'm ready."

Hands trembling, Silver, Swaggins, Squazz, Stryker and Denis each put their hand beneath the doll. Then, as one, they let go. Tears ran down Silver's face as the doll fell into the lava at their feet and burned to nothing. When he looked up, Andrew was gone, leaving just a green cap sitting on the hot ground. Silver pocketed it just as the Wall of Flesh came out of the Underworld gloom toward them.

It was an immense wall made out of pitted and pockmarked flesh, with one eye on either side of a huge mouth. Enemies attached with ropes of flesh came out of it. "My god... it's a wall of HAMBURGER MEAT!" was all Silver could think to say. Then he, Squazz and Swaggins linked arms and flew with the Cloud in a Bottle up to attack one of the eyes. Denis and Stryker grabbed each other and grappled up to a spur of stone, where they began stabbing at the Wall and shooting fast shots at it. Stryker had been to hell before, and he had some hellstone, so he had made himself a handgun of fire with the handgun he had obtained from the Dungeon, which he claimed "was useless anyways."

The Wall of Flesh was halted by this barrage of fierce attacks. Soon, it was nothing but a square of blue-black bricks containing the loot. Stryker got an old-fashioned clockwork rifle, Silver got a pistol that shot lasers, Squazz got an immense sword and Denis got a huge gold-and-silver hammer. As they were collecting their loot, Squazz straightened up. "Everything is black!" she yelped. "Everything is white!" Swaggins replied. Soon, the visions passed, and the heated air of the Underworld seemed to drop 20 degrees for a moment, until it passed.

"That was odd," Swaggins commented. "Well, let's get home. Andrew said a relative might be waiting."

Silver burst into tears.