Gray slouched against the wall, facing the Necromancer's robed back. He listened intently as the skeletal voice, dry with dust and pain, rose through the Dungeon air.

"The world is a world of machines... but they have not conquered the Dungeon yet. We are too strong, our magic too ancient. But they will. They will, believe me. They will. And we will fall, unless some unlikely hero raises an army against them."

"Pah! We will never fall!" spat an old Ragged Caster in front of him. "Not unless we trust this... this human to help!" He pointed at Gray, who rose from the wall and glowered.

"Is there anyone who could help us raise an army?" the human asked the Necromancer.

"There is. He was one of us. But then he became both human and monster. He united us.

"However, once the machines came, he realized that what he had done was not enough, and that broke him. He retreated to the area that used to be Corruption, where he hides to this day. It is said, however, that an extraordinarily powerful monster lives there, made of metal and evil. It's a dangerous place. I know that even you would have problems defeating it."

"Well, I'm going," announced Gray, drawing his True Night's Edge. "Nobody comes with me."

He left the room. Behind him, the Necromancer heaved a rattling sigh.

Between the old Corruption and the Jungle was a vast land, covered with metal monsters. Metal-shelled tortoises spun at the adventurer, and were smashed down by the True Night's Edge. Metallic dogs leapt from the shadows, only to be sliced by a blaze of green.

At the old Corruption, Gray looked down the second chasm he came to. There was an orange light coming from a cave about halfway down, and a bright red light bleeding from the bottom.

Gray rappeled down with his Dual Hook, prepared to enter the cave. However, before he got there, the red light intensified. A giant steel snake shot out of the depths of the chasm and, seemingly self-propelled, slammed into Gray, carrying him straight up.

Gray was a fierce warrior, and talented, but it wouldn't have been enough had he not swung his Slime Staff at the time of impact. A large slime leapt out and launched itself up and down the Destroyer's length, distracting it and dislodging Probes. This gave Gray enough time to scramble free of the crushing jaws of metal. He then drew his True Night's Edge and started hacking away at the monster. Green bolts flew out and ripped at it.

When the Destroyer came back down after an incredible amount of time, Gray looked doomed. The maw opened to fill the sky above him, ready to swallow and kill the adventurer.

Then it exploded.

Chunks of molten metal rained down from the sky as an old man flew down and landed by Gray. He was born aloft by wings of icy feathers.

"Um... hi there," Gray said, a little surprised by the apparition.

"Hello, Gray. I'm Silver. I fought with your mother and father - Fern and the Titanium Knight - against the Wrath of the Land. And now I'm taking you to see Ignis," came the reply.

"Right then," Gray agreed.

In Ignis's cave, all was lit by a bright orange glow, emitted by the Diabolist sitting against the cave wall. "Hello, Gray. You come to seek my help?"

"Yeah, I do come to seek your help," Gray answered quickly. "The Dungeon is the only unspoiled place in Terraria. But it won't stay that way for long. We need your help uniting its creatures, keep them disciplined, make an army to stand against the machines."

"My boy, you do realize what a task that will be?" Ignis answered kindly. "They are fighting amongst themselves, skeleton against skeleton! You must unite them!"

"Psshaw. Most of them hate me. The human. I can't do it, no way," Gray told him sadly.

"Yes, you can," Ignis said, "but only if I teach you a force the creatures of the Dungeon value over all others: magic."

"Magic? I'm not very good at card tricks," Gray answered scathingly.

"Not tricks," Ignis told him. "Real magic. The kind that throws your enemies through biomes and burns them to ashes."

"Well then, that sounds like fun at a party," Gray answered. "I'm game."