There was a house on a ridge, once holding back the Corruption and Hallow. Now they were no more, the land of Terraria peaceful.

Denis bounded down the stairs from his room, carrying a North Pole on his back. Silver was already up, planting obscure plants in clay pots on the windowsill. "Mmm?" he asked as the spearman careened into the table. Denis bounced off the table and went to get breakfast.

Suddenly, everyone sleeping within the house was awakened by an ancient voice. "You will join the eleven. The Wrath of the Land is coming... meet me outside the house."

It was midday before anyone arrived outside the house. A girl in red armor, with a Diabolist and a swordsman wielding a Night's Edge, stood outside and knocked. They were soon followed by a warrior dressed in a silver suit of Titanium.

Finally, as dusk began to fall, the creature appeared. Semi-transparent, he arrived, dressed in Frost Armor, with a green-and-brown blade in his hand.

"I am Terra. I once fought the Wrath of the Land on my own, taking on the creatures - and the ultimate evil. I succeeded, though I was killed in the process." Here the purple mercenary gasped. Terra continued. "However, once the sun sets, I will be restored by this gathering. The Wrath of the Land will start then." He walked in a circle. "You, Silver, started this all in motion. You sealed the Corruption and Hallow away, causing such a chaos that the Wrath would come. Your friends helped, and they are in this with you. Andrew, your knowledge is invaluable to defeat this evil. Titanium Knight, your valor and loyalty to those who have wronged you is astounding; I need your help. Fern, you have known suffering; Ignis, you may converse with those from whence you come. And Cecil - do you think I would fight without my best friend?"

Here Silver interjected. "Hey, hey... if I started it by sealing the good and evil away, how did that work?"

Terra explained. "With no evil, there could be no good to judge it against. Their warring kept the world in balance. Now it is free to swing whichever way. This is bad. You see, when I summoned the Wrath, it was because I united Excalibur and the Night's Edge to form this Terra Blade. But the combining of two entire lands... that will produce wrath much worse than that from two swords."

The sun dipped below the horizon.

Terra gained material form and instantly issued orders. "I shall wait for Duke Fishron," he announced, and did not budge. Silver, Squazzil, Swaggins, Stryker, Denis and Andrew stood to the east, waiting. Arthur, Fern, Ignis, Cecil and the Titanium Knight stood to the west, their faces turned upwards at the rising stars.

The Wrath of the Land came again, death from the deepest caverns. Terra yelled out, "This will be the worst thing to ever happen to Terraria! Fight well, good warriors! The Eleven shall unite to defeat them!"

"No," Cecil corrected, "the Twelve. We're in this together, old friend."

On the west, Jungle, Desert and Snow monsters came for them, united, heating, twining and freezing the warriors. The creatures of the Dungeon and the Ocean flew from the east.

Blood spattered the ground as Fern fought against Derplings and Giant Tortoises. A Giant Flying Fox picked her up and dropped her from a height.

The Titanium Knight stepped over his fallen comrade, protecting her with his flashing sword. Monster blood spattered the ground as he cut vines, smashed shells and sliced stingers in half.

Cecil and Ignis stood back-to-back, Shadow Armor against Diabolist robes. Fire jetted out and burned Mummies to scraps, Vultures were de-winged by the Night's Edge.

Arthur's hammer smashed Wolves on the snout as the Paladin's large suit of armor mashed Ice Elementals, its gold and silver starting to frost over.

Silver cast spells from where he flew through the sky, ripping apart Necromancers and Diabolists. Blue Armored Bones carried Sharks over the rocky land, throwing them into Swaggins's flail. A pack of Jellyfish caught Squazz, pulling her to the ground with toxic stingers.

Duke Fishron arrived. He and Terra had a mighty fight, Terra Blade against tusk, but finally the ancient warrior fell. Fishron's eyes glew yellow and he charged through the monsters and players, scattering them like so many strands of seaweed.

Silver stepped up to the challenge. His Inferno Fork glowed with fiery light, and Ignis lent his own power. Cecil protected his ally from injury.

Fishron burned. He burned as no creature had burned before. Fins blackened in seconds, shriveling away like scraps of paper. Tusks crackled as if wood and shattered, stabbing the Duke's own face. Fragments split off and struck the adventurers.

And so Duke Fishron died.

The Wrath of the Land was over. Terraria was safe once more.

Silver crumpled to his knees, supported by Swaggins. Squazz lay half-awake on the ground, Stryker at her side. Denis and Andrew leaned on each other, dustings of snowflakes from the North Pole in their hair. The Titanium Knight knelt by Fern's side, tears streaking his armor as he tried to rouse her. Cecil bent, heartbroken, by Terra's side as Ignis patted his back with a bony hand.

Terra was dead, his body beginning to dissolve into green mist. Arthur's shell of armor lay empty, the big Paladin's spirit gone elsewhere. Fern lay near death, blood dyeing the ground the same color as her armor. Squazz's body fought against toxins and a dozen other things. Silver collapsed into a blueberry bush, his energy reserves depleted to near death.

"Math isn't my strong suit," said Denis mournfully, "but I don't think we're the Twelve anymore."

"No," Swaggins agreed, "but Terraria is safe."