So far, my Terraria story has been my most popular attraction since my incredibly popular polls of my early wiki days (often fetching up to 150 votes). So I've decided to make a new one, as my first one is starting to wrap up the adventures of Silver, Swaggins, Andrew and the gang! This one is about a despised creature that no one loves, even his own kind... until he meets a new friend. He will become a legend among his people, and fights to unite the world of Terraria.

Darkness lurks around the corners of the Dungeon. I see the glows of Carriage Lanterns extinguished by my people, making their daily rounds. The adventurers will come soon.

Soon, they come. My people meet them, with their flaming greatswords and fiery spells. The adventurers stand no chance. I crouch against a wall, closing my ears to the sound of flesh melting and sizzling.

There is one adventurer, stronger than the rest. He dashes past my people and notices me, my trembling, weak stature. He takes a massive sword, gold and silver and inlaid with red gems, and stabs in. I brace myself for the pain of its sting...

...and the adventurer is sliced in two from behind. My brother has come and taken them apart with his greatsword and fire. "Why can't you be normal, Ignis?" he asks. Then he strikes me over the head and drags me down into the Dungeon.

Hope you enjoyed that! First episode coming on Tuesday, May 20! Let me know what you think in the comments!