As I stand on the cliff overlooking the forbidden chasm, I think, watching the adventurers ascend out of the Underworld, faces tear-streaked. They are one fewer.

Then it hits me.

They feel as I feel. They feel pain, happiness, excitement just like I do. And hate. It contorts their faces as they think of their friend's killer. Just like I do.

They're like me. We are all alike.

How can I kill these people? How can I fight them like a normal monster would? I can't.

I teleport to the Dungeon.

The Necromancer waits for me, his aged bones wrapped over the crystal ball he sits by. "What do you need, Ignis?" he creaks.

"We can't keep fighting the humans," I tell him. "We can't. They feel like we do, and emotions are your soul for any species, Diabolist, or human, or bird, or Zombie."

The Necromancer nods. "This I have known," he murmurs, "but will you convince them?" He gestures at the door to his room, indicating the Diabolist nations.

I stand at the top of the Dungeon, making sure my voice echoes through its halls.

"We cannot fight the humans! We're just like them. Different in age span, or aptitude for magic, or physical features, maybe. But we're the same inside. We feel the same! Emotions are what bind us! We cannot fight someone who is as Diabolist as you - you - you are!" With this, I sweep my Inferno Fork across the gathered audience, indicating my brethren.

The Necromancer speaks up. "Ignis is right. Emotions are what bond us. Friendship, hate, love. They all bind us, make us one. And that is why we cannot fight."

There is dissent. Whispers of "they are the invaders," "they care not for us," and "it is our nature" echo up to my perch.

I respond strongly, not willing to let them get an advantage. "They are part of this land!" I cry. "What would it be without them? They have the strength to create! And they don't care for you because you were the first to attack! Change your nature! We can change this, and bring peace to Terraria!"

The whispers cease.

My brother steps forward. "Very well, little one. We've got work to do. For Terraria!"

I raise my Inferno Fork, symbol of my individuality as a Diabolist, and speak the words I know will change this world. "This is no longer a Diabolist's weapon. It is a Terrarian weapon!" I raise it to the sky and fire one single fireball.

It explodes above the Dungeon, lighting up the land of Terraria, a unified land.