The Wrath of the Land was coming.

The black-cloaked adventurer smiled grimly beneath his dark cowl, the light flickering on his Frost Armor. It was time to put himself to the test.

A Shadowbeam Staff entered one red-gloved hand, prepared to fire bolts of death at enemies. A True Night's Edge hummed into the other, casting dark light over the adventurer's armor.

The Jungle creatures, from by his house, arrived first. A barrage of Tortoises spun quickly toward him, each knocked away by a Frost Staff projectile. The Megashark ripped through bright-flowered Angry Trappers, petals spinning on the wind. A sweep of the True Night's Edge chopped Giant Flying Foxes and Derplings to sushi.

The Snow creatures came along then. Joining the creatures of the humid Jungle, they breathed frosty air about the area. The temperature dropped thirty degrees as Ice Elementals launched frosty balls, only to be parted from their icy wings by well-timed slices from the adventurer's Vampire Knives. Ice Tortoises joined their cousins, backed by the fearsome Ice Golems that rumbled across the frosty plains.

The creatures of the Desert crawled into view next, scattering centuries-untouched dust and sand through the air. Visibility dropped sharply. All the types of Mummies crawled into view, pulling themselves on linen-covered arms. Their outstretched limbs were twisted grotesquely, bent and broken as the Chlorophyte Shotbow struck them down.

Then the mighty Corruption, Crimson and Hallow monsters flew into view, their holiness and unholiness combatting each other as they fought to strike down the adventurer. Cursed Hammers smashed through his walls, Crimson Axes decapitated his friends and family, Enchanted Swords stabbed into his Frost Armor. They all died swiftly. Worms tunneled through the ground below the mighty battle, reaching up to strike down the lone fighter. Herplings joined their Derpling companions, racing across the ground like greased lightning. Unicorns charged across, Floaty Grosses and Wraiths riding on their backs. Pixies and Corruptors took to the skies, their lust for blood overcoming their mutual hatred. All died painfully, stabbed by Chlorophyte Partisans, bombed to death, sliced in two, burned by the Inferno Fork, struck by the Flower Pow.

It was time for the creatures that had no true home - those without a biome to love. Skeletons crawled from their manacles in the Dungeon, sniping and striking and casting at the lone fighter. All the while, he held strong, his weapons striking like lightning. Spiders from their dens, covered in cobwebs, crawled up his walls. Beasts from all over Terraria rumbled towards him.

Then, all went quiet. There was only the splashing of water, then the monsters retreated.

From the east, a leviathan breached. It had the snout of a pig, lined fins, huge tusks and an evil look. It roared. In that roar was contained its hatred for humankind. "I AM THE DUKE OF THE SEAS! I AM THE DROWNER OF SOULS AND THE QUENCHER OF LIFE ITSELF! NOW YOU SHALL PERISH IN YOUR WATERY GRAVE!"

The leviathan attacked like lightning. Tornadoes spun up from the ground. Bubbles and sharks flew through the air like so many confetti guns.

The warrior leaped from his perch and swung his True Night's Edge in a circle, making a blur of black light that sent green blades whirling away in all directions, slicing up the fish monster. The Shadowbeam Staff shot up, sending a beam of light ricocheting all along the world, piercing the fish creature in a dozen different places.

All along they vaulted, swung, stabbed, bit, crushed, launched and fired. This enemy was unlike any the adventurer had fought before; the Duke, in his primitive mind, thought the same.

Finally, the sun rose over a dust-clogged sky and the clouds cleared, revealing the state of the battlefield.

A lone figure stood over the battlefield.

"The monsters of Terraria are gone forever, unwilling to attack us any longer. Though many have died to destroy them, you dealt the final blow against this evil. Farewell, Terra, and know that you go with us forever for your defeat of Duke Fishron and the evil of Terraria."

Colin, friend and Guide of this legend from the start, was reading his eulogy.