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Top 25 Weapons in Terraria!

So, I have decided to compile a list of the top 25 weapons in Terraria in my opinion. This will be based on:

  • Efficiency (ex. how much its ammo costs)
  • Damage (the higher the better)
  • Speed (the higher the better)
  • Other effects

So, without further ado, the top 25 weapons as of Terraria!

25. Snowman Cannon - This high-damage homing weapon has costly ammo, though it's one of the best ranged weapons in the game

24. Cutlass - The viciously fast Pirate weapon is the fastest in the game.

23. Nimbus Rod - Great for AFK farming, this Angry Nimbus drop rains on your enemies!

22. Chlorophyte Partisan - A spear that shoots a cloud of spores!

21. Nettle Burst - This magic weapon can go through walls, making up for its low damage.

20. Frost Staff - a much faster version of its Gem Staff cousins, it can rip through enemies quickly.

19. Rainbow Gun - This slow magic weapon has a high mana cost, but incredible DPS against worms.

18. Mushroom Spear - The very slow spear that leaves a trail of mushrooms!

17. Crystal Storm - The wickedly fast bouncing crystalline doom is here!

16. Magical Harp - A stronger and slower Crystal Storm, here to destroy destroyers.

15. Scourge of the Corruptor - This unique javelin spawns baby eaters!

14. Piranha Gun - The lazy man's gun!

13. Pulse Bow - 'Tis like light upon the wind!

12. Spectre Staff - Ragged Casters spam worse than any troll.

11. Stake Launcher - Stakes, not steaks.

10. Vampire Knives - Wickedly sprited blades of vampiriciness!

9. Blizzard Staff - And that was why Little Timmy de-roofed his house.

8. Terra Blade - Hallelujah!

7. Razorblade Typhoon - Homing ricocheting rings of death. Whoa.

6. Horseman's Blade - Pumpkins... homing pumpkins everywhere!

5. Shadowbeam Staff - No mirrors needed!

4. Tsunami - So many arrows!

3. Inferno Fork - Kill it with fire!

2. Razorpine - Your use for last year's Christmas tree.

1. Flairon - Enemies: Some assembly required. Choking hazard: Small parts. Not for children under three years of age.

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