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Top 30 Magic Weapons

So, I decided to rank the top 30 magic weapons in the game in terms of speed, debuffs, damage, etc. They are my opinion only and do not represent the opinions of others. Here they are:

  • 30: Water Bolt. This classic easymode weapon is beloved by Yrimir's followers, and has a good reputation. While its mana cost and damage are a bit off, it ricochets and does solid damage to opponents.
  • 29: Diamond Staff. This piercing weapon deals good damage for very little mana.
  • 28. Book of Skulls. This rare Skeletron drop does solid damage and can support a player even into early Hardmode.
  • 27: Space Gun. This powerful shooting weapon has great DPS and speed - and makes a cool pew-pew-pew sound. Always the most important.
  • 26: Starfury. This melee-and-magic weapon rains stars from the sky to blast your enemies to smithereens and is very powerful.
  • 25: Flower of Fire. This Underworld weapon shoots flaming balls of death and deals solid damage for a comparatively low amount of mana. It'sa me-a, Mario!
  • 24: Wasp Gun. This low-DPS drop from Plantera is surprisingly weak for its point in the game, but it can get a job done - barely.
  • 23: Crimson Rod. This downgraded Nimbus Rod rains a cloud of blood onto your enemies. Great for traps.
  • 22: Demon Scythe. Perhaps the best of all pre-hardmode spells, it launches scythes like the Devil himself - which of course it's supposed to.
  • 21: Laser Rifle. This WoF drop is an upgraded Space Gun, able to sweep up mobs in a pinch.
  • 20: Flower of Frost. This souped-up Flower of Fire does pretty solid damage.
  • 19: Golden Shower. Hand-in-hand with the Cursed Flames, this suggestive magic weapon has powerful potential.
  • 18: Cursed Flames. Hand-in-hand with the Golden Shower, this Corruption magic weapon can do hefty damage with its Luigi fireballs.
  • 17: Poison Staff. This weapon, while viable, is just not that good and costs a hefty amount of mana to boot.
  • 16: Magical Harp. Don't hate, oldies - this weapon is slow and, while quite DPS-intensive, just isn't that easy to use.
  • 15: Crystal Storm. The Hallow equivalent of the Golden Shower and Cursed Flames, this quick and high-DPS weapon does massive damage. However, it has short reach and doesn't do tons of damage.
  • 14: Leaf Blower. This Plantera drop shoots high-damage leaves for very little mana.
  • 13: Nimbus Rod. A souped-up Crimson Rod, the Nimbus Rod is great for trapped enemies and invasions, but isn't that good for real combat.
  • 12: Nettle Burst. One of my personal favorites, this Plantera-dropped upgrade to the Vilethorn makes it on due to powerful piercing bolts. It lacks umph, though.
  • 11: Venom Staff. This powerful upgrade to the Poison Staff has massive umph and deals venomous revenge to enemies.
  • 10: Unholy Trident. This massive-damage, piercing weapon, while slow, is still very powerful, fanned by the flames of hell.
  • 9: Staff of the Frost Hydra. Probably the single strongest summoned minion of all, this rare icy weapon spawns a minion so powerful it can get you into the Dungeon on its own.
  • 8: Rainbow Gun. This massive-DPS-dealing gun is perfect for segmented enemies.
  • 7: Inferno Fork. This great DPS weapon, dropped by Diabolists, is perfect for segmented enemies as well. Kill it with fire!
  • 6: Spectre Staff. This powerful homing weapon, while not speedy or mana-efficient, is still fun to play with.
  • 5: Raven Staff. This Halloween summoning weapon brings out carrion birds to kick butt.
  • 4: Shadowbeam Staff. Old Glory of Terraria, this formerly OP weapon is now cut down to a manageable - but still deadly - size.
  • 3: Bat Scepter. Another Halloween weapon, this allows for easy Pumpkin Moon sweeping.
  • 2: Razorpine. Long considered an amazing DPS weapon that allows killing of anything, this low-damage, low-mana, high-speed weapon is among the best of the best.
  • 1: Blizzard Staff. You all guessed it. This extremely powerful DPS weapon, while possessing a high mana cost, allows for insane DPS. LET IT GO!!!

Thanks much, guys! Do you think I'm right here? Or wrong? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!