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Top 30 Melee Weapons

Melee weapons, the most popular in Terraria! What are the top 30?

Note: THis is my opinion only and does not reflect the opinions of anyone else.

  • 30: Sunfury. A powerful, flaming flail.
  • 29: Starfury. A combined magic/melee weapon that drops stars!
  • 28: Fiery Greatsword. A slow-speed, high-range, high-damage flaming sword of death!
  • 27: Blood Lust Cluster. A very slow, high-ranged axe/battleaxe with hefty damage.
  • 26: Muramasa. A very, very fast sword that can be found in the Dungeon.
  • 25: Blood Butcherer. A powerful, medium-speed sword that wrecks enemies.
  • 24: The Rotted Fork. A powerful, long-range spear - great for the BoC.
  • 23: Bee Keeper. A Queen Bee drop that shoots out bees and confuses your enemy!
  • 22: Blade of Grass. This quick, high-ranged sword does lots of damage and poisons your target!
  • 21: Thorn Chakram. This powerful boomerang weapon will ricochet and strike enemies!
  • 20: Palladium Pike. This long-range weapon can wreck early-Hardmode enemies.
  • 19: Orichalcum Waraxe. This powerful axe + sword is very strong for its level.
  • 18: Titanium Waraxe. This is a very powerful, smashing waraxe.
  • 17: Night's Edge. The best pre-Hardmode sword there is.
  • 16: Bananarang. This boomerang is great for knocking stuff to the ground!
  • 15: KO Cannon. This powerful chain weapon, found on a Blood Moon, KOs enemies.
  • 14: Ice Sickle. The cleverly named scythe weapon tears through stuff easily.
  • 13: Excalibur. The sword of the Hallowed Set, it strikes with the might of Britain.
  • 12: Dao of Pow. The second strongest flail in the game, it can wreck most enemies with its Confusion debuff.
  • 11: Paladin's Hammer. The fast, powerful returning weapon is great for segmented enemies.
  • 10: Flower Pow. This powerful flail, dropped by Plantera, shoots petals for extra oomph!
  • 9: Death Sickle. Reap the monsters' souls easily!
  • 8: Chlorophyte Claymore. It shoots a glowing green ball!
  • 7: Mushroom Spear. Mushrooms and spears!
  • 6: Christmas Tree Sword. It launches a christmas bauble! Deadly!
  • 5: True Excalibur. While powerful, it doesn't compete with its compatriots.
  • 4: True Night's Edge. Stronger than the True Excalibur!
  • 3: Terra Blade. The True Night's Edge and True Excalibur combined, the essence of Terraria.
  • 2: The Horseman's Blade. Launches exploding flying homing pumpkins! Boo-yah!
  • 1: North Pole. Strongest spear in the game, shoots snowflakes. Let it go, let it go!