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Top 30 Ranged Weapons

Before 1.2, Ranged had the best DPS in the game, armed with the Megashark. Then, 1.2's Spectre Armor, Shadowbeam Staff and Inferno Fork came. The Pumpkin Moon breathed a little life into Ranged, with the Candy Corn Rifle and Jack o' Lantern Launcher, but the Frost Moon stomped it into the ground, giving it only the Snowman Launcher as a weapon. Note that this list is my opinion only.

  • 30: Boomstick. This low-damage weapon fires several projectiles at once.
  • 29: Musket. This classic ranged weapon is obtained in the Corruption.
  • 28: Undertaker. This new pistol-themed ranged weapon has created jobs all over for undertakers.
  • 27: Minishark. This machine gun deals low damage, but is so worth it.
  • 26: Gatligator. This rarer machine gun is better-damaged than the Minishark, if a bit slower.
  • 25: Star Cannon. While it does stellar damage, its ammo is way too expensive.
  • 24: Shotgun. This powerful gun is great for battle.
  • 23: Molten Fury. This fiery bow launches flaming arrows with each shot!
  • 22: Phoenix Blaster. A fiery gun from the Underworld, it blasts enemies with fire!
  • 21: Clockwork Assault Rifle. This very fast gun shoots damaging bullets!
  • 20: Palladium Repeater. This quick crossbow damages enemies well.
  • 19: Orichalcum Repeater. This revamped crossbow deals hefty damage.
  • 18: Titanium Repeater. Counterpart of the Adamantite Repeater, this shining silver bow mashes enemies.
  • 17: Ice Bow. This frosty bow launches Frostburn Arrows!
  • 16: Marrow. The fastest bow in the game, it shoots Bone Arrows at your enemies!
  • 15: Megashark. Previously the highest DPS weapon in the game, it has since lost its glory.
  • 14: Flamethrower. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!
  • 13: Chain Gun. An inaccurate, improved megashark.
  • 12: Uzi. A better Megashark.
  • 11: Venus Magnum. Plantera is geared up for a gunfight!
  • 10: Coin Gun. The pirates be hoardin' them coins, m'laddy!
  • 9: Sniper Rifle. Highest crit ratio in the game!
  • 8: Rocket Launcher. The commando skeletons have gone nuts!
  • 7: Jack O'Lantern Launcher. Bouncy jack o'lanterns of death!
  • 6: Snowman Cannon. Snowmans and rockets and death, oh my!
  • 5: Candy Corn Rifle. This Pumpking drop shoots candy corn! Waste of candy!
  • 4: Vulcan Repeater. This powerful bow, best on console, launches bolts of death!
  • 3: Stake Launcher. Vampires had better look out for this Mourning Wood drop!
  • 2: Pulse Bow. The Travelling Merchant's prize, this ricocheting bow does tons of damage.
  • 1: Stynger. This powerful explosive weapon can defeat the Pumpkin Moon with no buffs.

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