The Vilethorn is an early-game magic weapon obtained by breaking Shadow Orbs in the Corruption. It fires a thorny spear that can go through walls and lingers for a bit. As such, it is an amazing PvP weapon before players get their hands on a shield of some sort, despite its underwhelming damage.


The Vilethorn's ability to linger for a while is an excellent stunlocker - it keeps players away for all the time that it's there. In addition, multiple thorns fired at once (it is possible) will deal more damage and stunlock them permanently. However, shield-toting players will find stunlocking a breeze to charge past.

The Vilethorn's ability to attack through walls also makes it extraordinarily deadly in traps or just camping. Protected by a shield of blocks, one can rip away at an attacker. Or, hidden in a dark hole beneath the earth, one can send thorns up at players running over. I've had both these strategies used against me, and they both really work.

Battling Vilethorns

Good armor and a shield are the best defense against these fairly weak, stunlocking hits. Also, make sure to avoid dark places where campers could hide, and tote a good pickaxe so you can break through the defenses of Vilethorn campers. In addition, a Vilethorn of your own allows you to get at them.

Keep in mind that, until you get close, you have nothing to fear, as the Vilethorn has a fairly small range compared to other early-game magic weapons.


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