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Which fast gun is best?

There are three wickedly fast guns in the game of Terraria (excluding the pre-Hardmode Gatligator and unobtainable S.D.M.G.), all very good weapons. Which one is your favorite?

NOTE: This poll uses musket balls as ammo.

Here are the contenders, and a little background info:

  • The Megashark, a long-standing contendant for fastest weapon, shoots bullets in a relatively straight line extremely quickly. It has a chance not to consume ammo.
  • The Uzi, a once-rare drop from the Angry Trapper, shoots bullets accurately and quickly, but consumes all the ammo it's given.
  • The Chain Gun, a powerful Frost Moon weapon, shoots bullets quickly and with power, but is quite inaccurate.

Finally, the poll.

Which fast gun is best?

The poll was created at 14:18 on June 19, 2014, and so far 36 people voted.

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