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  • I am gasping at the....mirror
  • SirSwifty

    well, im quitting terraria. Tf2, my GF,school, and a socail life have made me like terraria less. Plus when you own everything in the game, it gets boring. So i was thinking to give my stuff away. Not sure how im gonna do that. Might give you only good stuff, (things that i consider good like my excaliber). Im thinking of giving items to people who have some tf2 items to give up. So im not sure how im gonna do this, just comment some ideas and stuff.

    p.s. here is a link to my steam file if you got tf2 items to give up.Das link.

    so bye all you people i have know, people who dont know me, and creepy stalkers

    with love,

    Swifty (aka Kawaii now)

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  • SirSwifty

    Sorry i havent been on the wiki in a while, i got school, my bday, and for me after i beat terraria it just got REALLY borin( and all the poeple who just got it reading this, you are probably saying TERRIARIA IS SUPER FUN), and tf2 and league of legneds have got me addictied to them so, yeah thats it.

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  • SirSwifty

    Sorry i have been away...

    September 2, 2012 by SirSwifty

    So....yeah...i havent been on the wiki in awhile beacuse League of Legends and Team Forrtress 2 are so DARN fun (and free :3). And i have started school up again, and my b-day is coming soon so yeah i have been gone.

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  • SirSwifty

    So yeah, i' sorry that this has nothing to do with terraria and plz don't delete it as spam but, recently i've seen people being able to change their signatures (like Lete-Pete's is pretty cool), and i just really wanted to know .. i'm sorry about this kinda being like spam, i didn't know another place to put it but, i just want to know.. that is all SirSwifty (talk) 13:55, August 4, 2012 (UTC)

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  • SirSwifty

    So recently me and another wiki member SyanGaming killed all the bosses all at once, well except Wall Of Flesh, we were at the surface, and Skeletron Prime despawned. The battle was 16 minutes long. (We made it night a few times). I don't have a video about it, but Syan does so he will sometime show it.

    But over all i don't know if that is a impressive achivement.

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