This is my first blog post, so here goes nothing!

This is an idea for a hardmode King Slime. First off, the boss would have 30,000 health and would be summoned by the "Slime Controller" (Made with 200 gel, 30 wire, 3 gold bars, 10 iron bars,and 5 souls of sight). Instead of dropping blue slimes upon being hurt, he would drop special lava slimes that would not drop hearts. When you touch him, you take 75 damage (Originally I put 125, but it was pointed out that that that would be a bit insane). Also, that giant cannon would spin around his body, occasionally shooting out flames, lava slimes, and slimers. The flames would be like a flamethrower, exept that it would do 35 damage as opposed to 27, would fire through blocks, and it would also break wood as fast as a copper axe. After he is defeated, you get 250 ish supirior gel. Supirior gel would make brighter torches, and would do an extra 5 damage as ammo for the flamethrower. In addition, when supirior gel is crafted together with cursed flames, you get ultimate gel. This would, you guessed it, make even brighter torches, as well as inflicting the cursed inferno debuff when shot from the flamethrower (And of course, the extra 5 damage).

Mecha Slime

The Robo Slime. Unlike other slimes, he is opaque.