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    The Last Souls mode will be activated by crafting the Finality Module. It will take 50 souls of might, fright, sight, light, and night. Also 20 Iron Bars, 20 Copper Bars, and 50 Adamantite Ore. Lastly you will need to have destroyed at least 10 shadow orbs. When you craft it(at a Doomsday Anvil) then you can place it anywhere in your world to activate Last Souls mode. When you do this at the farthest edge of the world a Last Sand block will be placed. As the Finality Module can only be crafted once per charachter you are not recommended to mine the block. Also a message will play on your screen, The Last Souls have been released! The Last Sand block will immediatly turn the entire ocean into a Forbidden Lake. New mobs will spawn, such as t…

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  • Sirblah

    Ok, since People want to kill the wall of flesh to pretty much activate 1.1.2. I have deviced an ingenious way to kill it easy peasy.

    Weaponry!(Pre Hardmode Gear)

    Ok, you should have at least a fiery greatsword/blade of grass/nights edge. A good choice for a gun would be a minishark(if you're rich and can afford about 1500-2000 silver bullets) or a phoenix blaster(if you want to save on bullets) Molten Fury should be your bow and you should have unholy arrows(the piercing effect it very usefull) or Hellfire(The explosions are amazingly helpful) If you like magic you should use a flamelash, water bolt, or demon scythe(the last one harder to use, recquires much timing) Now you are poor!(lol)


    Molten Armor would be best for the high defens…

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