The Last Souls mode will be activated by crafting the Finality Module. It will take 50 souls of might, fright, sight, light, and night. Also 20 Iron Bars, 20 Copper Bars, and 50 Adamantite Ore. Lastly you will need to have destroyed at least 10 shadow orbs. When you craft it(at a Doomsday Anvil) then you can place it anywhere in your world to activate Last Souls mode. When you do this at the farthest edge of the world a Last Sand block will be placed. As the Finality Module can only be crafted once per charachter you are not recommended to mine the block. Also a message will play on your screen, The Last Souls have been released! The Last Sand block will immediatly turn the entire ocean into a Forbidden Lake. New mobs will spawn, such as the Lost God. These new mobs will spread the Final Lands biome across the world. At the oceans edge the Final Lands will spread at the speed of the Hard Mode corruption.

New Bosses

Dread God: A monster will a body of steel(enlarged skeleton), and 4 arms. Each with different attributes. The head has 100000 health.

Forgotten Steel. A metalic arm with a large sword on the end. 100 damage to an undefended player. 10000 health.

Eternity Laser. A metalic arm with a laser on the end. It has 2 attacks, one shooting "sniping" lasers and the other a constant beam. 50 damage to an undefended player. 9000 health.

Finality Spear. A metalic spear. uses the basic thrusting method. 80 damage to an undefended player. 5000 health.

Flaming Shield. A shield on fire. Similar to a Thorns potion. Reflects half damage back at the player. Also inflicts the On Fire! debuff. 15000 health.

The Watchers: 4 eyes attached by a laser beam that hurts the player if it passes through. Overall 200000 health. 50000 per eye. They shoot Fire, Cursed Flames, and Eternity Blazes. The fourth eye shoots nothing but has a melee form. 100 damage to undefended player. They have 2 forms, the first where they shoot Slaves of Knowledge, Wraith like forms with 100 health each and do 20 damage to the undefended player. Inflicts Blind debuff which causes the player to be on the right side of the screen instead of the center.

The Gorger: a worm approximately 20 blocks wide. dies as one entity and has 150000 health. When injured shoots out Slaves of Hunger which have 200 health each and do 50 damage to the undefended player. Upon contact inflicts the Starvation debuff taking 5 health per second for 20 seconds.

New Mobs

Lost God: 300 health, 3 times bigger than a wraith, does 50 damage to undefended player.

Binder: Worm shaped, 500 health, only inflicts damage to NPCs, inflicts the Bound debuff causing no movement for 10 seconds. Does 50 damage to NPCs.

Cannibal: Shaped like the player except in red. Heals itself when it does damage to Npcs and the player. 200 health, 50 damage.

Flame rusher: Player shaped, runs invisibly and invincibly for 2 seconds then stops and becomes stationary for 5. When it comes in contact with the player it does 30 damage no matter what and inflicts the Eternity Blaze debuff. 10 damage per second for 20 seconds. has 200 health.

More to come!

New Items

Blazing sword, crafted with 20 Burning Souls and 1 excalibur. Has a 60% chance to set enemies on fire. does 10 more damage than excalibur.

Lost Armor, crafted with Hallowed armor(helm of your choice), 50 God Souls, 30 deathly stones, and has overall 60 defense. Summons 5 stars when hurt.

Doomsday Anvil, Crafts all items including Death Forge. Crafted with Mythril anvil at mythril anvil and 50 Lost Souls(from the bosses).

Death Forge, smelts the new ores such as Sacred Gold, Tomb Dust, and Demons Breath.

It for now.