Ok, since People want to kill the wall of flesh to pretty much activate 1.1.2. I have deviced an ingenious way to kill it easy peasy.

Weaponry!(Pre Hardmode Gear)

Ok, you should have at least a fiery greatsword/blade of grass/nights edge. A good choice for a gun would be a minishark(if you're rich and can afford about 1500-2000 silver bullets) or a phoenix blaster(if you want to save on bullets) Molten Fury should be your bow and you should have unholy arrows(the piercing effect it very usefull) or Hellfire(The explosions are amazingly helpful) If you like magic you should use a flamelash, water bolt, or demon scythe(the last one harder to use, recquires much timing) Now you are poor!(lol)


Molten Armor would be best for the high defense rating. Necro Armor is good too because it increases your ranged abilities. Other than that, have all your accesories reforged for defense(armored at least)


Neccesary: Obsidian Skin, Healing Potions(greater if you get any) For your sake: Gravity Potions, Water Walking, Iron Skin, Archery, and Hunter Just in case it gets dark.


You should have Specter Boots(or Hermes and Rocket), An Obsidian Article of any kind(Obsidian Horseshoe/Obsidian Shield/Obsidian Skull), Cobalt Shield, and Mana Flower(if you really like magic)


Basically, a looooong bridge with no blockades and preferrably bomb proof(dynamite takes to long to explode)

The Fight!!!!!

Ok, Drop your guide voodoo doll at the end of the bridge (closest to the side of the world for maximised distance)

Once you know which side the wall is coming from start spamming your flamelash/magic missle in that direction. Then when you see the wall itself let loose with your gun as high a rate of fire as possible. IF somehow it gets to the end of your bridge then begin to aim with unholy arrows or hellfire because arrows are affected by gravity. If it manages to push you off the bridge then just let loose with a minishark because you need a very high rate of fire(unless you are a really good spam clicker) for you do not have much time left. Falling into lava at any time during the fight is fatal. Hope this helped for you new old players!!

Weapons!(Pure HardMode Gear)

At least a Mythril Sword, Megashark(about 1000 cursed bullets(or 2000-3000 silver bullets)), Rainbow rod or Crystal Storm. You know, epic stuff.


Cobalt armor at least(defense cobalt)


Same as Before ^^


Same as before, except they don't have to be defense.


Same as before...

The Fight!!!!

It should be easy... Let loose with your megashark, as long as you have fairly good aim you should kill it very quickly. If not then let the hungry come to you and murder them with your sword, use your Rainbow Rod or Crystal Storm and open fire on the eyes and mouth. It should not push you off the bridge. If it does then you need very serious help...