• Skinzamen

    Pumps and Wallhuggers

    August 27, 2011 by Skinzamen

    Hey there! I get a ton of ideas while playing the game, and so decided I must join this wiki. I can only think of two at the momento though:


    A buyable item, expensive, to hopefully limit it's use. It would only be 1X1, or 1X3 vertically, and placeable only on a background tile. It would push a square of liquid upwards, and have a knock-on effect with any squares of liquid thereafter. The only problem I forsee is lag in multiplayer, and of course if too many pumps are placed you'll even get water lag in sinlge player. It would add a lot of creative possibilities, if it's at all possible.


    The logical extention of the spider which I'm sure is on it's way. Another monster only using zombie/skeleton locomotion would not capture the …

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