• SkybladerKirby


    T’was morning and the guide

    Did ask if needed

    All grumpy was the merchant

    And the demolitionist not heeded

    “Beware of Skeletron my son!”

    The stare that kills, the hands that beat

    Beware the Eye, and shun

    The dreaded worms that eat”

    He took his Cobalt Sword in hand:

    Long time the furious foe he sought –

    So he rested by the Hallowed tree

    And stood awhile in thought.

    And deep in thought he stood,

    Skeletron, with eyes of hate,

    Came rushing through the dungeon roof,

    And hollered as it came.

    One two! One two! And through and through

    His cobalt blade went crackity-splat!

    At last, the horrid beast was slain

    For the blade went through its head just like that.

    “And thou hast slain Skeletron?

    Ascend to the dais my great slayer!

    O night is day! Hurrah hurray!”


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