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  • I was born on December 14
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  • SlayerOfTheBad

    Sprite Wall

    June 1, 2014 by SlayerOfTheBad

    So, I'm just a normal Terrarian that has pretty much reached end game so makes sprites on request for friends , threads on Terraria Online or for idea's on The Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki , So without further of do, here are my sprites.

    So this is the Armageddon, one of my first sprites ever, that I made a bit smoother a while ago. I made this for the Lunar alternate Hallow Idea on Terraria Online, where the first few sprites will be from.

    This is the Gatling laser, this one was my second sprite I believe, and it was for the same thread as the Armagedon

    Here is the Fission Cannon, this one was for the Lunar Idea thread aswell

    This is my Singularity Gun, one of my least favorites, this one was for the Lunar thread aswell


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