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  • My occupation is testing carpet, chating to friends
  • I am I'm a Female Void dragon
  • Sparksdragon

    The mystery of what is terraria all came to this. Me telling you my theroy.

    There is almost no evedece to show this but it might be when ever the D-day has come. You get Npcs as you explore and progress throw the game. (i will explan that later) 

    Terraria is simpaly a differnt planet. The dryad said that terraria needs you. On Terraria there are difernt islands. Npcs are slowly moveing to terraria to excape what ever is on earth.

    The enemys of terraria are mad that you are takeing over there land or just think humans are yummy? Why dos the C.A.R. drop from the Wof? Why dos the Slimer have wing? You ask the question and I and other nice people answer you.

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  • Sparksdragon

    Pavain, My New Boss

    November 4, 2016 by Sparksdragon

    I just made a new Boss called "Pavain". I need your help to figure out the numbers,drops,ect. I want people that,

    1. Are good at moding
    1. like modding
    1. will be willing to work with me and other moders and
    1. can make a better sprite then me

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  • Sparksdragon

    I have many adventures in Terraria and I will tell the tales of Terraria. Read disclamer from 1.4 blog.

    This is the tale of my encouner of the eye of ..., I read the wiki on the criteria for the Eye and ingame I had 180 health. I needed to eat Life Crystel I had at the right time. My arena was next to my spawn. I used the heart and the next night it did not spawn (d:) but the next night it spawned. I put all my heart into killing that Demonic Eye but I died. after I respawned I saw (LOL) the Eye and continued fighting, later I died and then i killed that Eye. (yeah :)) 

    Next I perpared for the brain of ..., I had gold armor and a blade of grass. I heled the very bloody spine into the sky, the fight began. I was worryed at first, but the fight…

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  • Sparksdragon

    1.4 update

    October 26, 2016 by Sparksdragon

    Disclamer, this blog has words not spelled correctly, now for the blog.

    The 1.4 update is not the next update, but it is possibly a major one. (Like the 1.3 update) Everyone that plays terraria for a long time thinks that Cthulhu should be added; as a boss.I think Cthulhu should be an NPC. Moon Lord is Cthulhu's bother and Moon Lord is a Boss. Moon Lord is mayby  Cthulhu's evil brother.My gess is that the devs will add more bosses, I have found that bosses are conected to currten (I know it is spelled wrong) Biomes. (Plantera to Jungle,ect for all boss)  Bosses needed for the Underground, Desert, Snow, Space, Meteorites, Granite, Marble and ect. For the Underground there should be a bat (like my Flying Cat) , Worm, Gemstone monster or Skeleton…

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  • Sparksdragon

    The 1.3.4 is coming out soon and the devs revaled a dark "portal" which a lot of people think its a boss. It looks like the thing that the Cultists are worshiping. It might be a boss summoning animation,if so i think it will be a Solar Cultist,or it is linked to Cthulhu. A Cthulhu NPC, Boss, link to a Biome full of Derplings and Herpling? (Dragon, that unlikely)

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