Hi, I am Sparksdragon and you maby know me form Wiki Chat or My Blogs

I have many adventures in Terraria and I will tell the tales of Terraria. Read disclamer from 1.4 blog.

I See Your Heart 

This is the tale of my encouner of the eye of ..., I read the wiki on the criteria for the Eye and ingame I had 180 health. I needed to eat Life Crystel I had at the right time. My arena was next to my spawn. I used the heart and the next night it did not spawn (d:) but the next night it spawned. I put all my heart into killing that Demonic Eye but I died. after I respawned I saw (LOL) the Eye and continued fighting, later I died and then i killed that Eye. (yeah :)) 

Smarter then Mastermind 

Next I perpared for the brain of ..., I had gold armor and a blade of grass. I heled the very bloody spine into the sky, the fight began. I was worryed at first, but the fight was easy. The grass sword infliced poison to the creepers (minecraft reference?) same with the brain it self. I was amazed that i did not die once; at that point I knew in my mind (no pun intended) that I was coming closer to not being a noob.

The little girl that cryed "WOF"

I know I am skiping Queen Bee and Skeleteron but those went smothly