Welcome to my Achievement Guide for the Console Edition of TERRARIA!! I will be updating this as I get better information or come up with new and better ideas. With that being said, LET IT BEGIN.

Some Extra Info

There are 30 Achievements for a total of 400 Gamerscore to be obtained. 

Home Sweet Home - 20G

This Achievement is earned when the Guide first moves into a house. First build a house at least 6 blocks high and 10 blocks wide. Place some torches inside to light up the interior, and craft a table, (a workbench will do) and a chair. Depending on the size of your house you may need more or less wooden walls to fill in the back wall of your house; for a 6x10 house you will need 40 wooden walls to completely fill in the background wall. After you have made the house, simply move the Guide into the house using the housing menu.

All in the Family - 10G

This Achievement is earned when every NPC has moved into a house. Since you already know how to make a house I will give you a description on how to get the NPCs to come to town.

Note: In order for the NPCs to appear you need to have a respective house for them.

Note: Santa Claus is not required for this Achievement.

Rock Bottom - 10G

To earn this Achievement, you need to touch the bottom of the world. It is easiest to do in Multiplayer, but still possible (albeit harder) in Singleplayer.

  • Multiplayer - Join a friend's world and find the nearest large hole, jump inside and fall. If timed right you will fall faster than the world can generate and will plummet straight to the bottom of the world. *WARNING: If you do not have an accessory that negates fall damage you will impact the ground for a high amount of damage and die.
  • Singleplayer - Create a Hellevator to the Underworld. Search around the Underworld to find a point where you can touch the ground. 

Note: The Hellevator will come in handy for a few other Achievements later, it is advised to build one early on for easy access to the Underworld.

Exterminator - 25G

This Achievement is earned when you have defeated every Boss

Here are all the bosses:


Since you should already know how to take down every boss, I'm going to talk about some strategies for defeating Ocram.

What you need:

During his first phase just stand completely still and aim for his mouth, he will charge you and keep summoning servants. After you damage him enough he will go into his second phase. Now move left and right so that he charges at you horizontally (thus giving you more time to shoot him) since he is not under you. He should go down in a matter of 4 minutes or less. Hoooray for the easy fight, right?

Slimer - 10G

This Achievement is earned when you have killed all of the Slime Monsters at least once.

Pre-Hardmode Slimes:

Hardmode Slimes:

Challenge Accepted - 10G

This Achievement is earned when you defeat the Wall of Flesh and activate Hardmode.

Easy strategies on how to defeat him, the bridge one is the best one in my opinion (and what I used).

Maxed Out - 15G

This Achievement is obtained by reaching Maximum Health and Mana.

  • Health - The easiest place to find Heart Crystals is in the Underworld if you already have a Hellevator built it will be easy to find them. Search around and you should find quite a few with relative easy; you will need 15 to max out your Health.
  • Mana - Start a new world and gather a large amount of building materials. During the day you will build a skybridge or continue gathering materials for the bridge, during the night run across the bridge collecting the Fallen Stars; you will need 200 stars to turn them into 20 Mana Stars.

Corruptible - 10G

This Achievement is earned when your world is 51%? Corrupted.


Hallowed Be Thy Name - 10G

This Achievement is earned when your world is 51%? Hallowed.

I had an idea, perhaps it might work? 

Note: The following is untested (I will test later) so I'm not entirely sure it would work.

  1. Create a new 'small' world.
  2. Find the Corruption in your world and dig 2 tunnels on either side of it as to make sure it cannot spread.
  3. Using Holy Water run around the map Hallowing all the stone and sand.
  4. Wait for it to spread.

Like I said, I have yet to test this. BUT IT JUST MIGHT WORK :)

Opthalmologist - 15G

This Achievement is earned when you defeat The Twins.

That is as simple as I can make it, check out the link above and test out the strategies to see what works for you.

Good luck!

Bona Fide - 15G

This Achievement is earned when you defeat Skeletron Prime.

Same as Opthalmologist, test what works for you.

Good luck!

Ride the Worm - 15G

This Achievement is earned when you defeat The Destroyer.

Check the 'Tips' section on the strategies for this boss. I personally used the "Magical Harp" strategy.

Marathon Runner - 20G

This Achievement is earned when you have traveled over 42,000m on the ground.

Just run around I guess? I got this Achievement through normal progression.

Landscaper - 15G

This Achievement is earned when you remove 10,000 blocks from the world.

Similar to Marathon Runner, this is one of the few Achievements that you really don't need a strategy for; just go dig some blocks. :P

Crowd Control - 15G

This Achievement is earned when you defeat the Goblin Army.

In order for an invasion to occur you must first have:

Here are some strategies to aid you in defeating the army.

Good luck!

Survivor - 10G

This Achievement is earned simply by survivng your first night, wait inside your house all night and hang out til dawn.

Icarus - 10G

This Achievement is obtained by touching the top of the world, there are a couple of ways to do this.

  • Make a small world and build a tower to the top of the world (beware the dreaded Harpy).
  • Use a Gravitation Potion and float to the top.

Vanity of Vanities - 10G

This Achievement is earned when you have a full set of armor in your vanity slots. After you make your first full set of armor, simply put it all into your vanity slots for an easy 10G.

Pet Hoarder - 10G

This Achievement is earned when you have collected all the Pets.

From what I have deduced, this is a list of all the pets. 

I currently only have the Slime/Bat/GuineaPig, so any confirmations about the others would be nice.

Terraria Expert - 5G

Simply finish the Tutorial, what could be easier?

Terraria Student - 5G

Simply start the Tutorial, by far the easiest Achievement to earn.

Be Prepared - 15G

This Achievement is earned when 5 buffs are active on your character at one time.

You should find quite a few Potions in Chests as you progress through the game, use 5 at once to obtain this easy Achievement.

Airtime! - 10G

This is one of the few Achievements I have NO idea how I obtained, but I do have some theories.

  • Perhaps it means cumulative airtime, meaning that once you have been in the air for 5 minutes total you would obtain the Achievement?
  • Or it could be spending a certain amount of consecutive airtime, such as falling or flying for a certain amount of time?

I myself got the Achievement while falling in my Dungeon, so I really don't know which one is correct.

If you have any definitive information about this Achievement please leave a comment.

Blacksmith - 15G

This Achievement is earned when you craft 300 items at an anvil.

This Achievement is easiest in Hardmode, but it is still relatively easy anyway.

I'm Smelting! - 20G

This Achievement is earned when you have smelted 10,000 bars of metal.

This is by far one of the hardest Achievements to get in Terraria, 10,000 BARS?!

I suppose the best thing to do is create multiple small worlds and then mine&smelt all the ores.

Good luck!

A Knight in Shining Armors - 15G

This Achievement is earned once you have obtained every type of armor. (Mining Armor included?)

Not quite sure if the Mining Armor is needed, but I shall list it anyway.

Engineer - 10G

This Achievement is earned once you have placed 100 wires. (Cumulative?)

Once you have acquired the Mechanic you can buy a Wire Cutter from her, simply cut some wires underground and place them all in a big line, easy right?

Or I suppose you could just buy 100 wires from her and place them all.

Relatively easy either way.

Red Moon Rises - 10G

This Achievement is earned when you survive a Blood Moon.

A Blood Moon has a 1 in 9 chance to appear when someone in the world has over 200 health (otherwise it will not appear at all) and can be easily avoided with little to no work. Simply place a block in front of all your exterior doors and wait the night out.

Crafty - 20G

This Achievement is earned once you have used every Crafting Station.

All the crafting stations:

To Hell and Back - 20G

This Achievement is earned once you have reached the Underworld and return to the Surface in one trip.

This is easiest with a Hellevator, fall down it til you reach the Underworld and use a Gravitation Potion or Grappling Hook (or other respective grappling item) and float/climb back to the surface.