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  • Spencerocks5

    So, ive been doing a little research with the cobalt chainsaw, and ive seen that it is actually quite an effecient weapon. Ive decided to make a blog about enemies the chainsaw works best against (this is still a work in progress)

    • Mummies: not only do they charge into your chainsaw, but the more they hit it, the faster they get, which only makes them hit it more (idiots).
    • Pixies: I found this one surprising, but if you aim it at the pixie properly, it should provide just enough knockback as to that it will keep running into it.
    • Zombies: We should all know this one from the movies, i mean seriously, chainsaws, zombies, there a perfectly brutal pair.
    • Slimes: so long as there arent multiple, a chainsaw can handle hardmode slimes fairly well, pre-…
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