Alter Chests?

So here's the situation. The game's inventory consists of 40 slots, 10 of those making up your hotbar. Chests have 20 slots in them to fill. What I think would be good is if you could hold a chest in your inventory, and when you right click it, it opens up and then you can drag items from your inventory into it. So basically you can walk around with several chests each carrying 20 items. You can also change the name of the chests so that when you hover over them, it will say for example "Weapons", or "Ores", or "building material" or "potions" etc. You get the idea. Of course, having this ability would mean chests cannot be stacked, nor can you put a chest inside of a chest. But having the ability to store 20 things, or 20 stacks of things inside of them would mean you would easily have room for more chests as you find them. Even without the ability to label each chest, I still think this would be a great addition to the game.

Ok, instead how about Backpacks?

This one would not involve changing how chests behave in any way. If they create a "backpack" with 20 slots (which I think should be purchaseable from the mechanic) Then you can just fill the backpack up, and then place it into a chest for storage, or carry a bunch of them around to fill. Labelling of the backpacks would also be nice to easily find your variously organized loots. If the backpack is purchased, I would think they should not be too cheap, but not as much as 1 plat. Maybe 25 gold per? Another idea would be to have them drop off of a mob, maybe a rareish mob so they are not too easy to get alot of ( for example, say, werewolves cause they only show up during a full moon).

In Conclusion

I feel increasing our inventory space is a much needed upgrade, as there are many aspects of gameplay that require having a lot of items on hand to swap out, or if you want to build epicly large things, you would have to keep going back to your homebase to unload materials. Also, if you go from battling bosses, to normal play, you may want to switch equip items and weapons and some armors to suit the situation, not to mention carrying various potions and health/nano rechargers. Having much more space to work with would raise the enjoyment level of the game, at least it would for me.