Greetings fellow Terraria nuts! These are some things I think would be awesome to have in the game ( Sorry if some of these have been mentioned in the past by others)

Feel free to comment below.


More "Active" Pets:

  • the ability to have more than one pet cast, because why not? they don't do damage
  • set a limit of how many can be cast ( 3 or 4 perhaps?)
  • you may also cast the same pet the set # of allowed pets similar to the casting of minions

More Pets!

  • a Squirrel pet
  • a Monkey pet
  • Baby Plantera pet - a mini pink bulb that crawls after you with vine feet (kinda like the Pet Squashling and then when you are too far, it catches up by reaching its vines out and grabbing terrain to propel quickly forward
  • Lunar pet - a floating mini moon that follows you and at night, it glows brightly providing a light source ( maybe this could just be a new light source instead of a pet, can't decide which is better.)

Social Boots Slot

  • I know social wings are coming, social boots would be great as well as long as wearing them in social still allows the boots ability ( but not any prefix addition).
  • This will free up another equip slot to add something much more needed


  • I have heard that there will be more dyes and I would like to see more Dye combination possibilities, basically any 2 dyes you wish to combine should be possible. I have noticed when silver is combined to dyes such as red for example, it changes which parts of the armor or clothing is dyed which color, so that certain armours that you want dominantly red, you can have this look.    ( Example - Spectre Armor dyed red changes very little, but with silver/red, it becomes more red.)

Social Weapon Slot

  • Ever wanted to run around with a cool weapon, or just take a pic of you standing and posing with your weapon of choice without having to look like you are swinging it in the air or shooting it off? If you put the weapon in the social weapon slot, you cannot enter combat or alter terrain with it, so care needs to be taken if you are in danger of being hurt by any nearby mobs. You would also not be able to swing it or make any motion with it, it would simply be held and when you run, you will be carrying it and it will swing back and forth with the motion of your arms.

More Banners!

  • This may be coming in a future update already, but I would like to see: Squirrel Banners, and Boss Banners ( which drop rarely from Bosses)

Gameplay Items

These are things which affect gameplay, and are not just for social fun:

Higher Stacks

  • For bullets,arrows etc.
  • For Health and mana potions
    • increasing stacking ability on these two things not only makes it nice to not have to keep going back for more, but also frees up inventory space.

Pirate Map Stacking

  • Also frees up inventory space

Solar Eclipse Summoning Item

  • This would be great because it is so rare, but to be fair it would have to be a challenge to gather the materials to make it, as well, you cannot summon whenever you wish - there would be either a timer incorporated into the coding of the game that would only allow it to be used every (7?) terraria days or perhaps it can only be used after a blood moon has occured.
  • Solar Eclipses can still happen on their own randomly.

That's all...for now

I know theres other things rattling around in my brain, but I can't think of them right now, so if I have other ideas to add, I will edit this blog!

Thanks for reading,

Squazzil ( your friendly neighbourhood squirrel )